This intensive program is designed for both beginning and experienced secretaries who are interested in improving their skills and working more efficiently within the law office. She is passionate about online marketing and helping attorneys stay up-to-date with the most current marketing strategies available to support the growth of their law practice. Cindy has supported businesses across the globe since 2003 by implementing marketing strategies to support increased online visibility and revenue generation.
Check out the continuously updated high-quality news and information, provided by the world's leading experts on business development for attorneys. Penn Foster Career School’s Online Legal Secretary Career Diploma Program will help you prepare to perform legal office duties, and you can complete the program in as little as six months! Understand the levels of authority in American law, references used to find relevant information for research, and where to look to find the most recent law decisions. Understand how to use your Student Portal, including your My Homepage and My Courses pages.
In this lesson, you’ll get a brief introduction to many duties of the legal secretary.
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to professionally administer and manage office communications and procedures. This lesson covers your role in making travel arrangements, and planning meetings and conventions. In this lesson you’ll learn how to set up, arrange, and maintain a filing system suitable for whatever type of office you’re working in.
In this lesson, you’ll learn what a record is in an office environment and how records are managed.
This lesson is a review of basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. New ways of creating, processing, and communicating information are revolutionizing every aspect of any job. This lesson is designed to teach you how to use resources and references to search for information efficiently and effectively. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the vast world of information that exists on the Internet. In this lesson, you’ll work on polishing your writing so letters and documents look professional and communicate clearly. In this lesson, you’ll cover various types of punctuation, rules for capitalization and spelling, and documentation of sources when doing research. By expressing yourself with correct grammar, organizing your ideas, and focusing on the topic, your writing will become more effective and professional.
This lesson is designed to help you make the best use of the writing tools you already have by making them work for you as you plan, develop, revise, and present your work.
Locate a file, open a recently used document, or retrieve a file that has been recently deleted.
In this lesson, you’ll learn about the most widely used spreadsheet program, Microsoft® Excel.® Excel® can perform numerical calculations and is also useful for non-numerical applications such as creating charts, organizing lists, accessing data, creating graphics and diagrams, and automating tasks.

Familiarity with common legal words and phrases is required when creating and interpreting legal documents.
A solid understanding of the language of law is essential in your career as a legal secretary. This lesson will prepare you to recognize and avoid the most common ethical problems that lawyers and legal secretaries face. Explain the purpose of formal ethical guidelines for lawyers and how these guidelines apply to you as a legal secretary.
Describe the interrelationships among ethics, professionalism, and risk management in the practice of law. Define written law and precedent law and understand their importance in the American legal system.
This part of your program will provide you with concrete examples of the kinds of documents you'll create in a legal office and give you actual experience in creating them. In many offices, employees are expected to handle a variety of bookkeeping tasks, such as keeping a record of payments as they arrive, sending out bills to those who owe money, and making bank deposits.
Students can receive advanced academic credit for Business English, Computer Basics, and Microsoft® Office within this program. Legal Secretaries are the support system that enables a law firm to run like clockwork and have the earning potential of up to ?30,000 per annum. They can and sometimes do work in barristers’ chambers, local authorities and legal departments in larger companies.
This home study course will teach the student all the skills and give them an understanding of the job a Legal Secretary does on a day to day basis.
You will also study how the law is established, how it changes, and a variety of common legal issues such as mortgages and wills. Once you have finished an assignment you can hand it in by post or email, this is a very easy process that will be supervised by your assigned tutor. Enhance your career prospects and teach yourself the skills you need for your long-term success. This home study course will be marked on a set number of assignments only, there is no exam as part of this qualification. We project that the course requires approximately 80 hours of home study time but there are no set deadlines for you to work towards. You will learn everything from preparing legal paperwork and filing court documents to office finances and management. This lesson focuses on what it takes for you to develop and improve your professional image. To perform your job effectively and efficiently, you must learn about the technology that’s available in the computerized workplace. While you may already know some of these standard principles, it’s important that you carefully review each topic. This lesson will help you get used to the computer by walking you through the first steps of using your PC.

This lesson will continue to introduce you to a broad range of legal terminology and documents. It’s important that you understand both your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the attorney to help you to be a valuable contributor to the success of your employer’s legal services team. You will receive a course pack and study bag containing all study materials, as well as full tutor support by email.
Your online course lessons include practical exercises that will help you master the skills you’re learning. The Distance Education Academy only offers fully approved and recognised online courses that will further your knowledge and careers.
Many legal secretaries have a degree in a subject related to business and will then take an accredited legal secretary course in order to be qualified to work for a law firm.
Students also receive a one-year membership in NALS, the association for legal professionals, and study guides to prepare for the NALS certification exam. Legal CoursesFor those that do not have a degree in legal administration there are accredited legal courses available that will allow them to seek employment as a legal secretary. Students will also be introduced to the basics of legal research and proper citation format. Job search strategies and placement possibilities will also be discussed.This is an accelerated course. Students will be expected to spend an average of 8 hours per lesson reading and completing writing assignments. It is important to make sure that the course is fully accredited before applying to make sure that a person will become fully certified in the field.During a legal training course a person will learn legal vocabulary, which is very important for work within a law firm. In addition, the course will teach administrative skills that will allow a person to gain an understanding of how to run an efficient office. Computer skills will be learned as well.Other RequirementsLegal secretaries need to have a high level of confidence and be extremely organized as they will have to communicate with their boss regularly and schedule appointments and meetings for the lawyers and their clients. Communication skills are extremely important for those that wish to work as a legal secretary.Job AvailabilityThere are many jobs available for those that wish to become legal secretaries.
Many law firms are now hiring legal secretaries in order to maintain a more efficient office.
It is important to note that progression in this field is difficult as the skills required by a legal secretary are extremely defined. There are some individuals that choose to become legal secretaries and then go back to school to earn their law degree and progress into a legal career.After obtaining a job as a legal secretary it is important to continue your education and to make sure that you keep your certification current.

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