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Today's post on The Playbook is from Olivia Nadon and James Bryant, two of our outstanding interns this semester here at the NSCAA National Office in Kansas City. As two interns fresh into the business world, when asked if we wanted to attend a meeting on social media, we were quick to say yes. Foursquare is a mobile application that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore.
Do social media users overlook the potential hazards associated with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare because we are so overwhelmed by their benefits? If you’re a regular blogger or active in social media and also a coach, there are numerous ways to prevent an undesired experience.
Creating awareness on a topic that is overlooked within the soccer community is a crucial step in educating coaches at all levels of the game.
What’s your opinion on others posting your photos, location or additional personal details online about you that you have no control over? James Bryant graduated from Elon University with degrees in Sports Management and Business Administration. Olivia Nadon is from Toronto, Canada and is in her final semester at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada where she is majoring in Business Management. Event Management Services offered by us is designed as per the requirement of the clients within their budget. We listen and constantly re-address the ever changing needs of our clients to ensure that we are always ahead of the show. While nobody chooses counseling as a profession because of the high pay, is dismal compensation our fate? With good planning and hard work, earning over $100,000 profit in year two of private practice is for many an obtainable goal. Note: the following numbers are only estimates for a solo-practitioner in private practice. The number of sessions that constitutes a fulltime caseload is often debated amongst clinicians. There are numerous small and seemingly hidden costs to running a private practice: from patient parking, to coffee, to organic tissues, to printer ink. In addition, two potentially larger expense categories are in the realm of marketing and billing.
While some counselors prefer to do their own medical billing, you may wish to hire a company to handle it for you. While the above provides an outline of private practice financials, no counseling practice will perfectly mirror the example. Depending on the state you live in you will need a certain amount of supervised clinical hours (usually 2 years full time work) and then take a national licensing exam before you can practice independently.
I believe it is important to be realistic when writing these articles and when you read them.
After reading this article, I would add that I do my own billing and save that unnecessary expense and after 12 years in practice, I do not advertise. The BEST thing you can do is invest in consultations with someone who is effective and thriving in a private practice, someone who matches your theoretical persuasion and can enhance and deepen your ability to season your work over time. I am 52 years old, have bachelors in psychology I have never used as I make great money in the mortgage industry.
I have found psychology is the best avenue for undergrad major if your hopes are to become a therapist.
Enrollment numbers are very, very low (see Department of Labors latest figures) and small businesses have had to close up shop because of this horrible program. Though I LOVED my undergrad learning experiences, and do appreciate the foundation that English has given me, one thing that I did not (know to) consider was graduate-level scholarships.
There were many scholarships and financial aid opportunities for psych undergrads pursuing their masters in psychology, but I didn’t find any (through my program at least) that offered assistance for those who did not receive a background in psychology. I think Psychology is not the best path, consider SW or LPC, both great degrees to end up in counseling.
That said I agree with the commentator who suggested working in an agency for a bit to get experience and perspective. I see a therapist in a private practice for some loss issues (mom is dying from cancer) and, based on my bill, my insurance has paid about $80 per session. I first read this blog years ago when I was still building my practice here in the remote mountain community where I live. I’ve been seeing 40-45 clients a week, but I realize after a recent illness that I cannot maintain that level.
I was hoping you could fill me in on how much schooling you went through before you private practice?
I would be curious to know what state you are completing your degree in and what degree specifically it is. Additionally, even if your state allows you to do this with your specific degree program, I would advise against opening up shop immediately after graduation.

It would be our first out-of-office experience in a professional environment and we were anxious to soak up any information that would come our way. Shea Sylvia, one of the club’s members, shared an eye-opening experience that makes social media users think twice. It is a friend-finder, a social city guide and a game that challenges users to experience new things, and rewards them for doing so.
She blogged about the experience and received a great deal of feedback, eventually leading to a death threat email message to her personal account and a myriad of other events. It’s quite ironic to think that we constantly allow ourselves to become open public figures by using these sites on a daily basis.
Meeting with your players and their parents to educate them on the matter is a simple way of informing all parties of potential risks. The lesson learned from Sylvia's unpleasant experience enabled us as listeners to take proactive measures to ensure similar situations do not happen in our lives or in the lives of the players we coach. He was born and raised in Kent, England and was the former U10 Academy Coach for Burlington Soccer Club in North Carolina.
She is passionate about sports and travel, having visited Europe, Africa, Australia and the Caribbean.
Our services are available throughout the country to satisfy companies, organizations, families, event venues, and resort properties, in presenting highly-effective events.
Financially speaking, are counselors better off giving advice while tending bar? I don’t think so. You might need to adjust expenses, client fees, and volumes based on your own goals and the costs of your area.
For example, in Virginia a masters-level clinician accepting 3rd party insurance payments might earn $99 for a diagnostic evaluation (90791).
Some persons feel that 30 sessions per week is a heavy caseload, while others find that they can serve 40+ clients per week. The “final net revenue” above does not include the cost of health insurance, retirement planning, accounting services, or taxes, which are often partially covered by an employer. Note: you can also add a second clinician, but that starts a whole new level of mathematical complexity.
It is illogical to think that therapists would choose to make a median income of 39,000 dollars when they could easily make 100,000, and I am speaking about private practice, top of their profession, therapists.
Additionally, in Fla, we get paid $60 an hour for Master’s level from most insurance companies. Understand your area may be different in what the market can bear, and what you can do when not only doing therapy but also running a business and all that entails. When I was pursuing my Master’s degree 5 years ago, most of my colleagues where beginning a second career. At first sounds scary to venture into somethin news especially if you were making good money and had a career before but as someone who left a successful public relations and media career for clinical social work, I can tell you the switch is worth it. Since obamacare began, and has since failed, crushing the middle class not only with high premiums (See Congressional Budget Office figures) and the biggest tax on Americans in history, obamacare has offered nothing positive to either practicing clinicians or the public in general. Otherwise, I do admit that my writing has gotten many compliments from several teachers, and I came from a more unique background that 90% of the students who all studied psychology. I will soon start my internship and have been told by the director of the clinical mental health program (CACREP) I am taking that internship hours can be used towards the hours I need to accrue for my license. I obtained my MSW in NY and in no way could my internship hours be counted as licensing hours toward my C. Give yourself at least 3-5 years (minimum) to gain some real world, (paid not internship), experience. The monthly Social Media Club of Kansas City (SMCKC) breakfast meeting took place at the Kansas City Café downtown. It should be said that Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare are amazing tools to connect with an unlimited number of new contacts, but we should exercise the same caution online as we do offline. Additionally, you can reset your privacy settings allowing only those you know and trust to have access to your information. Nadon is currently interning in the Marketing Department at the NSCAA and would like to continue to work in the sport marketing industry.
We pride ourselves on attention to detail and an "Extreme Theme" approach to the quality event presentation. Truth is, you can’t help anyone if you’re out of business, and a counseling practice is precisely that—a business. I’ve tried to be conservative when referencing revenues, and liberal when referencing expenses. However, for the sake of this exercise, let’s say that you’ll take 5 percent of your gross yearly revenue and invest it into marketing and advertising your practice. For example, if you purchase a new laptop it might qualify as a business expense (meaning it’s paid for with pre-tax money). We fail to factor in that the amount of clients you see is not equal to a 40 hour work week as in other professions. And seeing 35 clients per week is easy when you have mildly stressed patients but when you have patients with serious problems this is excessive.

However, I’m nervious about seeking a master so late in life with the cost of education.
While grad school is expensive, doing this work is gratifying and every time I am with a client I realize how worth while the investment in education was. Now that I have an overly full practice I sought it out again and was lucky enough to find it.
The school I attend offers the license exam twice each year AND one can apply to take the exam after they have completed 6 of the required courses and currently enrolled in 3 other required courses. You cannot even be approved for supervision until you have obtained your LMSW following graduation. I decided it’s not going to help me achieve my financial goals of 55-80K in private practice.
Another good idea is to leave out any details that put yourself or others at risk, such as a link to your present location. The diverse skills , considerable experience and the young energetic within the personnel at AKs Eventz is what really give us the ability to stand out from the crowd, and we can ensure that your eventz do the same.
If you’re providing 45-minute sessions, that’s 26.25 hours of face-to-face work with clients each week. Seeing 30 clients in a week is a high demand and high stress quota that takes years to build to in private practice and takes a heavy toll on individuals. Some graduate schools give you a scholarship based on merit or GRE scores, I highly consider you taking them. And, for one’s undergrad, is psychology the best path to a master’s in counseling? Since it was so long ago I hope you are still reading comments on it because I want to let you know how helpful it has been once again.
I was wondering IF I am able to complete all of my hours while doing my internship and I have my license at the time I graduate or shortly thereafter, can I start my own private practice without first obtaining more experience? And finally, don’t forget that phone calls, emails and text messages still do work as excellent forms of communication. Add in schedule gaps and practice management duties, and you’re looking at a 40 to 45-hour workweek. Not sure about funding in your area, but if you can amass this amount of income, you can easily pay off any student loans you acquire. Research your counseling professional organizations for the program you want-either national or locally as they may have scholarships. I have made my mind up that I would rather take the risks of building a successful practice straight out of school (IF I have my license then) when I will have over $80,000 I owe in loans for my education. It is time we educate other medical professions and insurance companies how are profession is different and that we deserve equal compensation. One of the mental health facilities where I did my bachelors intern work only paid their licensed therapist between 38 to 40,000 dollars a year. Making only 10,000 to 15,000 more a year than what entry level people without an education and without student loans make working in direct care settings perhaps at 50- 60 hours per week with far less responsibility and professional demand and knowledge is not ok. I know that may be a huge financial undertaking but think about it as an investment to yourself and your community. AND I just can’t see paying off that amount of money when barely making over what many would consider the poverty line. Your numbers add up well BUT what bothers me the most is the question: Are people progressively seeking counseling in this era and does the average person see counseling as being beneficial enough for them to seek counseling on a weekly basis , enough so that I can attract 30 to 35 clients per week?
Plus, the schools really like my counseling skills because it helps immensely with this population. We need to value and support our mental health therapists or we won’t have them to turn to anyone. Also because this is a poor area at least 50% of my practice is composed of Medicare and MediCal patients who in the latter case finally have a way now to obtain counseling.
Most of the young adults I attend school with talk openly about having a therapist and even go as far to tell you WHY they are seeking treatment BUT they are all in graduate counseling programs as well. I feel like that may due to this generation being labeled from everything between ADHD, to at risk for suicide when they were growing up through their junior high and high school years. I have ran a successful business before AND I am also retired from the local city fire department on the coast where I live. So, I can get by without making much money until my practice gets built up AND I am extremely motivated to begin the process of building my own practice.
What I see as possibly being the most challenging aspect in building a successful practice will likely be in attracting enough clients.

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