Liberty University’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Life-Coaching prepares you for a rewarding career that is focused on helping others achieve their goals and overcome obstacles in their lives.
In addition to providing insight into the development and influence of personality based on psychological theories, courses will immerse you in discussions on diverse theoretical approaches of counseling and psychotherapy by evaluating associated methods and techniques from a biblical context. Expand your degree options by choosing a Minor from the Bachelor's Degree Programs web page.

Curso de Coaching online Gratuito, uma novidade que logo chegarA? a vocA?, confira o coaching EAD.
This program provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to be confident, relevant in the industry and successful; meeting a growing demand for professionals in this career field. But, if you are committed to digging deeper, reconnecting with your true self, and making fundamental and long-lasting changes in one or more areas of your life, Success Wizard will get you there.If you want more out of life, whether that's more clarity, meaning and joy, or learn how to get success in life, Success Wizard is definitely the program for you."> Will itwork for me?Will itwork for me?

It's also a great place to get all the knowledge, guidance and midlife transition coaching you'll need to put things into action and get meaningful and lasting results."> Howdoes it work?Howdoes it work?

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