Ben Stiller directs himself as Walter Mitty, forever a daydreamer who barely leaves an impression at work, but in his mind is the most extraordinary man alive—especially with the help of all those visual effects.
Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. Long after the dust from the last battle has settled, the dead have been laid to rest and the confetti from the victory parade has been swept into the gutter, the nature continues to bear the scars of human conflicts.A remarkable series of photos taken in a Russian forest have been making the rounds on social media sites, showing what happens over time to instruments of carnage discarded in the woods.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. No one likes to lose their possessions when traveling, and we are all looking for a fresh new way to keep our valuables hidden and safe.
There are options out there that allow you to store your possessions away, and this pillow is one of them.
Suddenly, a missing photograph for the very last printed issue of Life magazine, where Walter has worked for years, brings out the real life adventurer in him and more importantly, the film.The film also stars Kristen Wiig, Sean Penn and Adam Scott.
Second Verse, Better Than the First: The best moments are Mitty's real-life adventures, as he traverses stunning vistas in Greenland and Iceland. Not the First Big-Screen Mitty: James Thurber's short story was first published in The New Yorker way back in 1939.

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The striking images depict rifles, artillery shells, grenades and sapper shovels embedded in tree trunks - essentially swallowed up by the natural surroundings in a silent act of protest against human folly.
Given that each of the hard-hats is damaged, their owners most likely had met a violent end. You like to give gifts that are different, you like to be the one giving the gift that everyone at the party wants to look over and admire. Oscar-nominated director of photography Stuart Dryburgh (The Piano) uses these locations to open up the canvas, with classic tracks from Queen or new tunes from Arcade Fire as the perfect accompaniment to some of the more striking scenes, like Walter skateboarding a lone freeway while literal volcanic eruptions occur. What image could be so definitive, so quintessentially Life magazine that viewers won't be underwhelmed? If you want to travel without the risk of getting your valuables stolen then this pillow might be just what you need. This pillow makes a great gift choice for that party where you want to be the center of attention. No one is going to suspect that the pillow you love so much and use on your trip is actually a secret safe.

That version had Mitty working as a proofreader for a pulp fiction company who lived with his over-protective mother.
Everyone is going to want to take a look at this pillow, everyone will be excited about the special features that it offers to its owner.
This pillow allows you to hide things away in a very secretive way while you are traveling. In the 1947, version the mysterious objects he's out to find are the Dutch crown jewels that were lost after WWII.
This pillow offers you a feature that is unique and unlike the features of any other pillow out there.

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