Let's synch our breaths together, squeeze out all the air, inhale inhale inhale, hold the breath, exhale. Feel yourself being fully capable to be everything you are here to do, everything you are here to be. This class works on the kidneys, to confront our fear, and opens the heart, to lead us forward.
Archer Pose: Aligns all ten bodies (soul, 3 mind bodies, physical body, 5 energy bodies), focus on connecting with your brightest destiny. Chanting Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahe Jio with Kunchun Mudra: Connects us to the Cosmic Divine Intelligence as our beloved friend. Translation: Wow Transcendence, Wow Transcendence, Wow Transcendence, Wow Great Beloved Soul.

When done accurately, Kunchun Mudra powerfully allows total relaxation of the body, it is equivalent to exercising for 48 hours straight. This class supports and protects us by nourishing the body and our connection to endurance to follow through on our goals.
Bringing prana into the heart, expanding it, we tap into that universal consciousness, the part of us that knows worlds beyond what our finite self knows. Humility is being willing to acknowledge that we are not the most powerful thing in the universe. Make sure to feel the connection between the tongue as it strikes the roof of the mouth on “Har” at the same time the navel pulls in.
The practice is non-dogmatic, suitable for all faiths, based in science and the ancient power of our dynamic potential.

This class increases our agility through wisdom and brings the tone of cultivation to remove fearful conditioning and generate courage. By doing Kundalini yoga, the anatomy of our hands and knees and spine is fundamentally strengthened to prepare for such an awakening.

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