OpenVPN is a robust open source VPN application that provides a secure, encrypted link between computers over a public network (i.e. I figured this must be a common problem, so I used Google to search for the solution but I could not find one. Before you begin, make sure that your VPN works correctly under Windows 7 with the firewall turned off.
Note: This tutorial assumes that you are using the standard OpenVpn installation with the OpenVpn GUI tool under Windows 7. 3)      Make sure that you are running the OpenVPN GUI as Administrator on both the client and server.
The problem with running the VPN with the firewall on is that Windows will classify the VPN network as a public network because the VPN does not have a default gateway. 1)      In the upper left corner of the Network dialog, click on “Change adapter settings”.
7)      Add the gateway address (See Gateway Setting below) leaving the “Automatic metric” checkbox checked.

1)      On the server side, the OpenVpn GUI icon should be “green” indicating a successful connection is made. 3)      On the client side make sure that the OpenVpn GUI icon is green showing a successful connection. This procedure allows you to connect a Windows 7 Server and client using OpenVPN using the built in Windows 7 firewall. When you copy server configuration from this blog article, be sure to replace diagonal quotation marks with vertical (normal) ones. Even after getting the network type from public to private, I still couln’t ping client from the server (the client was able to ping the server) when the firewall is on. Of couse I could just remove the local subnet restriction from all the File and Print rules for private networks but if anyone has a better idea, I would appreciate sharing it.
Oracle Engineering Inc., a consulting company that develops embedded systems for the medical, consumer and industrial markets. I found that there were many questions online about this problem, but there were no good solutions posted.

I wrote this article to help the rest of you find instructions on how to solve this problem. If you click on “Work Network” you will get a dialog box that lets you change the type of network connection (home, work or public network).
I was more than a little surprised when I tried to set up a VPN at the office of one of my consulting client’s and found that OpenVPN would not work with the Windows 7 built in firewall.
If it is not set to “Work network”, click on the “Public network” and you should now be allowed to change it to “Work network”. Otherwise on your VPN network connection, click on “public network” under the network name and change it to a Work network.

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