This tutorial will show you how to change or reset the password of your Microsoft account in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
You can use any email address for your Microsoft account, even an email address from a third-party web-based mail service like Google Mail or Yahoo! NOTE: This PC or device must already be added as a trusted device before you will be able to change your Microsoft account password from it. NOTE: This step will only allow you to reset your Microsoft account password since you are not able to sign in to it. NOTE: Microsoft account passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least 8 characters, but up to 16 characters.

NOTE: This step will allow you to change your Microsoft account password since you are able to sign in to it. A) If this PC or device is not a trusted device, then you will be prompted to enter and submit a security code sent to your phone or alternate email address.
How to reset password on a Microsoft Account with two stepBasically as the title reads, how can I reset the password when I have two step verification turned on.
Microsoft has stringent password requirements, so it is wise to use some symbols and numbers in your password. Passwords are case sensitive and must have at least 8 characters, but up to 16 characters, and contain at least two of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

If you set Windows to automatically sign in to this Microsoft account at startup, then you will need to go through step 4 in the tutorial below again to enter the new password. This password complexity requirement is enforced by Microsoft to help make your password more secure. But when you choose a password for your Microsoft account, it doesn't change the password you might need to use to sign in to web mail on a third-party site.

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