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Luckily these days there are many amazing books on professional transformation, entrepreneurship, and management out there you can choose from to gain new knowledge and ensure self-improvement.

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Lifelong learning is an important factor of not only professional growth, but also mental wellness. In this post we would like to inspire you to engage in reading in the coming year by feauring a showcase of books that we’ve found both cool and great for professional development.
He lives a vivid social media life, and he has also published some great books in which he shares his unique and unconventional views on management, entrepreneurship and business.
In this book you can learn about the basic principles and concerns of management, its best practices, main challenges, core problems, and most promising opportunities. To learn more about this awesome book, download the first chapter for free, and check it out for yourself.
She researched the feasability of sustainable systems at all levels of society, from local to global.

Thinking in Systems, a later work of hers describes how to develop system-thinking skills critical for dealing with the complexity of the 21st century life. Donella Meadows thinks that the biggest problems in the world such as poverty, hunger, and war are system failures that cannot be solved in isoation from others. Not so long ago Blackberry was the favourite gadget of high-profile professionals, CEOs, and presidents. The recommended methods are backed up with the latest research on cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory.

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