Orange County, CA – Personal development for your spiritual well-being can be accomplished in many ways, with coaching, seminars and personal improvement courses. Personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develops talents and potential, builds human capital and facilitate employability, enhances quality of life and contributes to the realization of dreams and aspirations. The most important roll that answers play is giving us the know-how in solving our own problems versus being dependent upon having someone solve it for us when our lives are in crisis. Our personal development courses cover a wide range of topics such as, how to communicate effectively, motivation, building self-confidence, knowing who you can trust, improving marriage, personal efficiency, organizational and time management skills, and many others more. Personal Development Courses and Online Life Coaching Tools Get the Innovative, Ground-Breaking Online Life Coaching Platform You Need to Make Your Coaching Program a HUGE Success!
Get a Private Label, Customized Online Coaching Platform to deliver your unique content and trainings! We are designed to contribute to the world in some meaningful way, but too many of us are stuck or held back by poor relationships, self-sabotaging behavior, low self-esteem, anxiety, anger, addiction or simply an inability to perform under pressure. Roy is a different kind of personal growth coaching professional in that he has high-quality, video-based, interactive online e-courses that contain the most advanced personal growth development wisdom on how to live a conscious and purposeful life. As a relationship coach, I offer relationship advice and self help wisdom to single people. Receive exclusive tips and advice on how to love more fully live more effectively and laugh more frequently subscribe here.
The single most important thing I’ve learned over many years of working with people is that almost all of us have some version of the “I am inadequate” story running in the background of our lives. When a couple is interested in working with me, they often are curious about the benefits or outcomes that they can expect and the general principles that guide my work.

When single adults are interested in working with me, they often are curious about the benefits or outcomes that they can expect and the general principles that guide my work. I invite you to call me today to explore if I am the coach to support you in creating the life you most want to live. Each format has a particular use and benefit and I want to clarify the difference in what coaching and courses can offer in the field of personal development. As we aspire to reach higher levels of spiritual well-being and happiness, we begin to ask ourselves the most important and time-honored questions about life and our role in in it. The old adage of teaching a man how to fish, versus making him dependent on the industry of a fisherman, is very true in the field of personal development. People have power when they have real knowledge about the key factors of life, and can apply that knowledge to their own life with certainty and results. Our coaching is highly personable and based on producing significant results and the accomplishment of known objectives which will lead to a fulfilling life, prosperity and overall happiness and well-being.
Utilize the full power of the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies to engage with your clients and expand your reach! As a result, perhaps you’ve read self help books, attended motivational and personal growth development seminars or even tried traditional life counseling—and nothing’s helped. Choose a course now and remember, everything comes with a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you whatsoever. That story can show up in a variety of ways: “I am not good enough,” “I am unwanted,” “I am unloved,” “I don’t matter,” “I am lost,” “I am powerless,” “I am a loser,” “I am a victim,” to name just a few. Below are a few of the benefits of working with me, followed by 12 principles or commitments that produce fulfilling, lasting love.

Below are a few of the benefits of working with me, followed by my unique, proven five-fold approach to attracting genuine love.
He has been supporting the personal growth and life-transformation of thousands of people for nearly 25 years. While there is no need to list these basic questions, it is important that we connect with people and insights to quell our thirst for our internal search for compelling answers. Give your students all the content, tools and applications they need to take full advantage of your programs! His passion is working with single men and women who are committed to awakening to their true spiritual nature and experiencing the love life they most desire. However, Roy “eats his own cooking” and his e-courses allow people to live purposeful and passionate lives. With a warm, personal and informal style, Roy specializes in supporting single people in attracting the love of their lives and also helping those who are in committed partnerships experience a deeper level of intimacy. We will work with you to design the system according to your own specific needs, integrate all your unique branded content, and optimize it for your specific market, so it becomes your flagship coaching program.

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