Studywiz ePortfolio allows students to capture a comprehensive collection of outstanding work samples and records of achievement to showcase their learning journey.
Students can arrange and store a variety of rich media materials including digital photos, scanned documents, and video and audio clips to create a portfolio of work. Studywiz ePortfolio Individual Learning Plans also encourage a constant flow of reflective dialogue between teachers and students regarding learning progress. Develop Individual Learning Plans to scaffold learning for students or monitor student reflections. Store and organise records to demonstrate attainment of specific learning goals & requirements.
Showcase assessments, qualifications and achievements to teachers, parents or future employers.
As one of the largest insurance companies, Sun Life provides the best opportunity to take up a career and business that grow continually, according to your expectance. The ultimate goal is to make our business partners to have their own business together with Sun Life Financial Indonesia. Our agency system “OnE System Under the Sun” will provide you with an extensive opportunity to build your own business and to reach the highest position in agency’s structure. At Sun Life Agency, “OnE System Under the Sun” will provide a better career opportunity, achievement and you determine your own success through your achievement.
At SLF Indonesia you will receive continuous knowledge in line with your career and business to prepare you as a professional business partner, SLF Indonesia prepares development and training program starting from Basic, Intermediate and Advance. Development programs for leaders have also been prepared at various levels starting from Agency Manager up to the highest level of “OnE System Under the Sun” career path, the National Agency Director (NAD). Technical knowledge, skill to provide solution of other people’s need, communication and negotiation skills, attitude development are also provided in multilevel advance training program. We implement ‘Learning with Fun’ in every development program provided to help you understand easily all materials presented. SLF Indonesia highly appreciates business partners’ commitment in developing their business either in terms of productivity or team development. As the winner of our Mid-Year and Full Year Convention you will have a good opportunity to travel abroad to many different destination countries every year while ticket and accommodation are provided by the company. In Sun Life Financial Indonesia, we also have a program that focus to develop a young and talented people to become a professional entrepreneur. Powered by excellent strategy and planning, we develop and implement programs to support the business growth of our business partners, such as building a business model agency with General Agency concept, establish Salam Institute as a center for special training of Sharia for our Agents, forming Sun Islamic Leadership Centre as a center for the training for our Sales Leader, Establish Recruitment Centre, and other development programs in accordance with the defined strategy.
You will have a better career opportunity with us, where your success is determined through your achievement. To develop our business partners, we have special training center named SALAM INSTITUTE and Sharia Leadership Centre which is dedicated for Training and Development program for our Business Partner as a basis in building a business.

And for sure you will have a good opportunity to travel abroad to many different destination countries every year while ticket and accommodation are provided by the company. If you would like to develop business in a new career path, eager to take challenges, have a passion to be a winner and would like to realize all your aspirations and dreams in life, let’s join us. Well you can have a practical, efficient, affordable corporate personal development program that can ease your load and help bring you back a workplace of happier more productive staff.
It’s your business, so it stands to reason it should be your personal corporate personal development program. The information and suggestions on the HPPLC Professional Development pages apply to any student, freshmen through senior, and non-traditional. For preprofessional students, it is important that you also refer to those parts of the HPPLC web site that pertain to your particular area(s) of interest, whether it be law, medicine, or another health profession.
If you plan carefully, you can use your undergraduate years to become a mature, professional person who does not merely look good on paper, in the resume, but who can also impress in personal statements and cover letters, and during admissions, internship, and job interviews. The majority of students procrastinate or pay little attention to their professional development. Anyone who is serious about professional and personal success, however one chooses to define those terms, should commit himself or herself to their professional development very early on.
A few undergraduate programs require freshmen to begin activities like job shadowing and community service work during their first semester as a college student. The overarching goal of professional development is, simply put, to gain the ability to consistently demonstrate the traits of a mature professional and a well-rounded individual.
From your perspective as a student, we could say that professional development is the process by which you will develop the skills and characteristics necessary for success as a student, an applicant to a professional program, a career professional, and most importantly (since nothing truly productive can happen without it), success as you grow in both experience and maturity as an individual. While professional development may seem like an awful lot to take on, remember that you have already begun, and the process can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable. These collections can be easily saved to disk or published as password protected HTML files for sharing with employees, parents, peers and others.
Collections and Records support reflective dialogue between teachers and students, allowing an ongoing diary of students’ learning journeys to develop.
This dialogue provides instant feedback to guide teaching practice, inform formative or summative assessment and enhance students’ metacognitive skills.
Besides reaching your career achievement, you are also trained to acquire an entrepreneur spirit and prepared to be able to manage your own business. For Agency Leaders, we prepare training on Managerial Skill, it is a skill to conduct team development, effective supervising method, practical leadership and how to build and develop continuous business. Simulation and sharing methods are also applied in every training program to motivate you in reaching achievement and best result. Various prestigious awards have been prepared for all types of your achievement and it is possible for you to qualify for more than one awards’ category.

Some the program has designed to you that has age 21-35 years old, we called it The Brighter Gen. We will provide training and personal development that will help you to develop your business by conducting need analysis and providing solution through various best SLFI products. There, you will find more specific information about what students need to do in order to fulfill requirements and become competitive for admission to the given program. Professional development is the process by which you develop the goals, skills, and attributes necessary for success as a student, an applicant (to jobs, internships, or professional and graduate programs), a career professional, and a sophisticated, accomplished, and versatile individual. High school students, undergraduates, and graduate students all benefit from such experiences. Still, remember that transitioning to IUB, and your new academic work load, must be top priority. In fact if people are happier on a given day, they are not only more likely to come up with a new idea or solve a complex problem that same day but also to do so the next day. Be one of the exceptions and commit yourself to a professional development plan early, during your freshman year in college or even during high school. Do not allow non-academic obligations to overtake your schedule to the detriment of your coursework.
To this list of professional traits we can also add life-long devotion to self-improvement, pride in your work (in whatever setting it may be - your chosen profession, your college experience, and even everyday tasks), and personal accountability for your work and behavior.
A plan that incorporates a variety of interesting and rewarding experiences will deeply enrich your life as a student, add depth to any undergraduate degree, and build a foundation upon which you can create future opportunities and a higher quality of life for yourself and others. While it's true that you will need to undertake a variety of endeavors at the same time, you don't need to expect yourself to complete or master them all at once. As such, it is very achievable to manage your time in a way that allows you to fulfill academic expectations as well as other demands on your time.
Initiating a structured professional development program early-on allows you to gradually but steadily develop these characteristics and experiences over time, so that when you graduate you are already well on your way to becoming professionalized.
Toward this end, we strongly urge you to utilize our time and stress management tips and tools. If you follow the directions and implement the suggestions within this document, you will have already begun to enhance or develop some of the professional attributes described on our Professional Development page, not to mention reduce stress, and even improve your academics.

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