It's a competitive world out there, and those who achieve in life are the ones who never stop developing and trying to understand themselves. A personality test was used to examine how the individual conducted themselves in the workplace and it revealed some interesting results. After understanding how she reacted to social problems in the workplace, the individual was able consciously control her behavior and avoid becoming the middleman in disagreements in the office. For instance, you may have a certain career in mind and are not sure if you’ll be able to cope in times of high pressure. She finds herself very restless, and she get's very frustrated with herself as she knows that she is not working to her full potential.

Although she didn’t realise it, the arguments between other colleagues were affecting the way that she worked. Although she was still empathetic to some individuals, she consciously made the effort to put worries out of her mind during work, and tried to deal with it after work by going for coffee with the upset colleague.
Head for a Win provides services to individuals who are looking to take the next step, be it in moving to a new career, looking for that vital promotion or even trying to understand one's emotional capacity and intelligence. Psychometric tests can help identify how you may be in certain situations and that knowledge can inform potential adjustments that are necessary if you are to improve in that area. She mentions that the politics in the company in which she works are not great, and there are often minor arguments between colleagues.

The results showed that she was high in tender-mindedness and empathy, so when an argument occurred, she often was one of the first to try and alleviate the problem. She also spent time worrying about the social problems in the workplace and this was making her restless.
This led to her becoming less efficient at work and more stressed when under pressure to complete a project.

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