Learn how to think God's way to make the right decisions at the right time with the right understanding! I'm excited to offer free personal growth books to download that will enhance your everyday life in one way or another.
While these are ebooks that are not spiritual growth ebooks, they will help you to enjoy a well-rounded life, save money, or enjoy family. I like to keep the information books I collect in a special file and then separate them into files that describe their purpose. Keeping organized is one of the first steps to personal growth, so if you feel your life is somewhat out-of-control, you may want to begin organizing the information you already have that you have been meaning to read, but keep putting off for another time.
Organize it according to the priority of your need and then take a little time each day to read.
Add the books from my Free Personal Growth Books to your list of personal growth products and read each according to what you believe can help with your current bad habits, lack of understanding or areas in your life where you need improvement. If you have a problem with the downloads you'll receive my email address and I will personally help you get them. January 6, 2016 By Megan Zechman 7 Comments Welcome to the first month of our 2016 reading adventure! I’ve decided to go along with popular culture and start the year off with personal growth.

Identifying one word to keep your focus for the year can be very powerful regardless of your age. Our teens are growing up in a society where the bar continues to be set lower and lower, which saddens me.
This month (and every month this year) our reading adventure subscribers will be receiving some goodies in their inbox to help them fully embrace their adventure with their middle schoolers.
We’ll be sending our faithful followers a reading log, a book report form, as well as some discussion questions to go along with some of our reading choices for the month. This book includes¬†103 topics every homeschool mom needs to know,¬†it is useful throughout the homeschool years, and WE helped to write it!
Principles For Personal Growth is a revised paperback edition of the hardcover book, Self-Help Stuff That Works (with 19 new chapters added and the seven weakest chapters removed).
It's a part of life and will give you the ability for growth and greater opportunity in your life.
It also establishes a confidence to prosper beyond what appears to be your income earning limitations.
Have you downloaded your FREE list and decided what style of books your family is going to start with? Here are five books that I think teens will enjoy reading and will also personally challenge them.

Real life examples, step-by-step activities, and tips make this not only an inspirational read, but a practical one as well. Just like us, our kids are constantly faced with change, so the sooner they learn how to deal with it, and figure out how to embrace it, the better.
In Principles For Personal Growth, Adam Khan shows you how to feel good more often, become more effective at work, and deal better with all kinds of people, and does it in short, easy-to-read chapters. Spencer Johnson adapted his bestseller for teens by adding in references that are more relevant to them.
Most days you will find us exploring our Central Florida community, having fun while learning. Carson suggests that teens think for themselves, do what’s right, and embrace every chance they have to learn and grow. Principles For Personal Growth is like a condensed version of an entire self-help library in one book.

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