If I were to look back at my life thus far, as I often do, I’d notice a pattern of events and feelings resembling the activity on an EKG monitor. Recognizing and embracing this has brought me a tremendous amount of peace, because I once believed that progress required a steady, consistent ascent toward perfection. I’d say that life’s about the journey, but in the back of my head I believed it would have no purpose if not for the destination, which made it hard to truly pull my focus from it.
In this mindset, ever fixated on getting there, and deeply upset by any seeming break in momentum, I constantly felt angry with myself. I wasn’t supposed to feel uncertain of what I wanted professionally—I’d been working on my career for years. We grow when we do our best to learn from and move beyond our challenges instead of obsessing over them and making ourselves feel stuck.
This may sound simple, but for a long time, it was hard for me to wrap my head around this idea, mainly because of all the messy emotions that came up when I thought I messed up.
That’s the thing, though: Just like a muscle needs to tear to grow stronger, sometimes we need to wade into our own darkness to find a brighter light.
But if we looked back on our lives, despite the peaks and valleys, we’d recognize how far we’ve come. Still, while we’re always becoming, we can’t ever experience happiness if we’re fixated on who we could or should be.
About Lori DescheneLori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Love the way your presentation brought us through all those things we think and strive for to the fact that we’re already there.
Your last statement is the crux of the issue – can we be happy while beating ourselves up for failing? Someday soon I hope we all can put less pressure on our selves to accept who we are in the present, rather than continually judging ourselves on where we think we should be in life.
So if I can notice the thoughts and forgive myself, I can break out of it a little more quickly. Thank you lori for the message and it’s great to read how others are coping in this whole growth process. I went through repression recently when, after having a high period of 2 weeks I suddenly felt scared and depressed for a week. Your core values make you an individual, it's your standards that create your personable nature and it's the confidence to grow with others, learn to trust that your aura will send some magic in this world. Your sweet spot is that special place where time stands still, you’re in a natural flow and it’s organic from start to finish.  Think of that “thing” that makes everything all right in your world. Tamara is also the Associate Director of Leadership and an Adjunct Professor at SUNY Buffalo State.
Known for her presence, Tamara was one of ten speakers for the inaugural TEDxBuffaloWomen conference held in downtown Buffalo in December 2012.
Other virtues such as gratitude, courage, determination, and integrity are all important for a successful life.
Set aside some time to reflect on your life, think about how it’s going and perhaps answer the questions above. Welcome to Virtues for Life, a website designed to inspire and coach you in the daily practice of virtues to help you become your personal best, and, consequently, lead a more extraordinary life. For every leap forward, there’s been a stumble backward—sometimes just an inch, and other times, what seemed like miles.
But I’ve realized that’s not growth; and when I believed it was, growth wasn’t what I was seeking. I wanted persistent happiness—a reprieve from difficult, overwhelming feelings, and a sense that every day of my life, I was one inch closer to the ideal.
We all go through phases when we need to relearn lessons we’ve already learned, and that can be frustrating when we’re in that moment, feeling regret, remorse, or impatience. We can only experience happiness by being who we are, because it’s only available right now.
Maybe our purpose isn’t just to grow—maybe it’s also about growing to love our perfectly imperfect selves. To strengthen your relationships, get her new book, Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges.
So many times we look back on our lives as a sea of failures rather than a continued evolution. I suppose we all have to go through these times, no matter what we believe is our fair share of abuse. Fighting feelings amounts to Band Aid fixes, the long way around and frequent dismissals of what really vexes us. Thank you for this post, it is like I saw myself in the mirror once again, and I am so appreciative to have all that struggle and change of perspective written in such a concise, wise, and inspiring way. I think you bring up a great point–about how we tend to make more progress when we stop focusing on improvement so much. I’m honored that you lent my book to your mother, and so thrilled she’s enjoying it! It’s a year today since I broke up with my last boyfriend and even though I think I did the right thing, over the last few days I have been wondering about the what-ifs and beating myself up for not growing more as a person over the last year. By the same token I also think plunging into the guilt and sadness over ending a relationship forced me to look more closely at myself, and learn to live alone.

This is what I have been struggling with, the terrible falls, I thought there was something wrong with me and was even wondering if I was better off when I was in an unaware state. We grow through our struggles and in the moment a lot of times we think things are a big deal, but often when we look back we’re happy we went through it and that we learned from it.
That the window to success and happiness presents itself as a thank you.  Life is about you … and you will never be done!  As you’re never done growing, learning, and experiencing the best that life has to afford you by operating from your sweet spot.
McMillan is the Chief Empowerment Officer which she affectionately calls MEE, a company energized by Creating and Supporting Platforms of Empowerment.
In her role she’s a mentor, coordinates the NIA Mentor Program, an enrichment program geared toward assisting minority students make a successful transition into the collegiate environment and advises student organizations. After her captivating performance, she was invited by the committee to not only be a committee member, but was also asked to serve as Emcee for the 2nd annual TEDxBuffaloWomen held in December 2013. You can choose from a list of virtues one, two or even three of them that can be a steady guide and inspiration for what’s to come. Are you setting aside time to focus on this or are you placing other obligations and distractions ahead of it? I’ve spent the past month rejuvenating my mind and spirit on a retreat to a magical resort, where peace and serenity are front and centre. Your retreat sounds wonderful and what a great way to start off the New Year with peace and serenity, important for us all, as you said. Our vision is to create a global consciousness in the difference the practice of virtues can make in everyday life. If we can love our imperfect selves, what could there be in the world that we can’t learn to love? I used to try to fight it, feeling that giving in was counter to the way I *should* be handling it.
Sometimes it feels so instinctive to fight everything uncomfortable, but if we avoid that, we can’t move beyond it. I think that same thing about other people sometimes, and I wonder if they deal with some of the same things I do. Your post reminded me we are all works in progress, evolution is slow and it’s ok to have doubts. I think sometimes the more we learn and grow, the more devastating it feels when we fall back because, well, as you said, it feels like a much longer and harder fall. I’ve noticed in my life that I’ve often grown the most from the times when I felt the most stuck!
The last few days have been awful, just knowing it is not (yet again) something wrong with me helps so much, thank you so much for your honesty.
Since 2008 the situation in the country was unstable so many people felt unsecured regarding their financial state.  Needless to say that Great Recession has made huge impact on the American economy.
Tamara is a Speaker, Educator and Coach, and her company holds annual conferences, facilitates empowerment workshops, teaches leadership classes, and has intimate and progressive conversations via its signature program: Cupcakes and Conversation. Tamara was instrumental in getting Buffalo State’s first student chapter of the NAACP on campus.
She also served as Emcee for the 6th Biennial Networking in Higher Education: Building Bridges for a Better Tomorrow Conference, where Dr. You may not be in your ideal job, are saddled with too many obligations or just plain need a change. Creativity gives us an outlet to express our authentic selves, the true self, aligned with our values, desires, talents, and beliefs.
One way to challenge yourself is to choose a virtue that can support your vision for the year.
To select a virtue, ask yourself, “What do I most want to manifest in my life?” Then select the virtue(s) that you’ll need to achieve that answer.
Try and move what you want to the top of your list and rearrange your schedule to honor that desire. What if we woke up in the morning and instead of thinking about all that we needed to do that day, we asked ourselves, “How may I serve today?” This question takes us out of ourselves and gives us a new and different perspective. We deliberately break the rules as if to say, I deserve to be loved no matter how “bad” a girl I am! I look at your picture, and read of your talents and see a beautiful and smart woman who must have the world at her feet. This was actually about quitting my job and turning to being a blogger and author full time, OF COURSE I’M GOING TO BE SCARED LOL! Last year MEE was afforded the unique opportunity to collaborate with the Burchfield Penney Art Center to hold three Cupcakes and Conversation events that received rave reviews. Shaking up the routine may be just what you need to arouse some excitement and enthusiasm in yourself. Practicing a virtue such as kindness can make a difference in the many people you meet and there are so many ways to be kinder. Meaning that whatever you continually fight against, keeps showing up in your life because another option is not present. Although forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do in life, it’s one of the biggest acts of self-love.
Our natural tendency is to talk to ourselves in a negative way, criticizing our behavior and who we are. Asking yourself, “Am I happy?”, “Do I have meaning in my life?”, “Am I using my talents?” “What do I value and am I making my values a priority?” These questions are some of the most important ones you can ask yourself and the answers can bring about change that leads to greater joy and fulfillment.

For example, someone might wake up and, instead of saying, “I have a so much to do at work today and not sure how I can do it all.” They may say, “How can I make a difference today with a project or a co-worker?” This approach gives us a whole new way of looking at things, taking us out of our ego and into the difference we can make in our lives and in others. Some even blame others for their own failures or refuse to take responsibility for major mess-ups. At times, I miss them terribly, but I know I’ve healed much more deeply as a result of wading into the discomfort.
The negative emotions are going to come, I’m not going to eliminate them, but I am able to snap out of that compulsion to identify with the negative, that need to interpret the negative and make it into something worse than it is.
Banks are ready to lend big amounts of money both to private consumers and big corporations while Americans show their financial confidence.
The last event titled: “How Mass Incarceration Imprisons our Communities” was standing room only! For some, it’s going to a house of worship, for others, reading religious texts, practicing meditation or taking yoga.
The next time you are in this situation, you can make a choice to be more confident and “act as if” you are more confident. For example, if your thoughts are always focused on what you don’t like about your job then you are resisting it, and your situation gets magnified, creating anxiety for you. Forgiveness expert Fred Luskin said that the single most beneficial thing that comes from forgiving is that people, once they forgive, feel that they can deal with whatever life sends to them. It’s just that if we become more conscious of our habits, we may see how little risk we take in life. If we do not place our attention on what matters most to us in life, we can easily end up with regret later in life.
These rare events allowed our community to discuss our humanness and struggles using art as the tapestry.
Whatever spiritual journey you desire, start a journal to make note of your thoughts, challenges and accomplishments along the way. If you give yourself another option, another way to think about the job, then your resistance and misery lessens. It also means to take care of our health, stress levels and personal happiness, which leads to creating a practice of self-compassion.
Really, it’s becoming more aware of our thoughts that is the first step in recognizing that we always have a choice in how we think about things. According to the report of Federal survey, almost half of Americans (47%) complain that their income is not enough to make ends meet so they borrow money and get loans to be able to stay afloat. You can spark some creative thinking with ideas like creating a vision board, trying a new recipe, or taking a day trip somewhere new. Your perceived lack of confidence is from persistent thoughts of how poor you think you are as a public speaker, when in fact you appear to others much better than you think. So keep in mind that you have a choice in how to react to life’s setbacks and challenges, either negatively or positively, disempowering you or empowering you. Is American economic growth as solid as the Federal Reserve says?Lending Services are Still in Big DemandEconomic recovery is a complicated process which needs to be analyzed from different points of views. Some examples can be to get up earlier, ask a co-worker to lunch, start a project you’ve put off for years, go to a different church, restaurant or library.
Research managers investigating it say that despite some visible improvements it’s impossible to analyze exactly what’s happening in every American family. Financial emergencies still make many consumers extremely vulnerable and these people have to turn to loan providers and ask for financial assistance to meet their expenses. The analysis found that if middle class people faced period when they hadn’t any income then 3 weeks would be enough for them to use all their savings. As for money management, during last 30 years most Americans spend the biggest part of their incomes for such things like health care, housing and insurance.
After inflation consumers have faced a rise of their yearly expenses.Like this, we can see a contrast between an economic progress and unstable situation of US households. Financial crisis of 2008 has seriously weakened American economy but after 7 years significant recovery has started. Within recent months we can watch an important improvement in the banking sector and other spheres of the economy. It’s important to keep in mind that today central bank offers lowest interest rates for most popular credit products to stimulate economical improvement. The bank will try to keep rates low as long as it possible and in any case its increase will not be sweeping.It’s also worth noticing that many Americans have low credit scores so when they face a need of emergency borrowing they apply to non-traditional lenders. Almost 56% of American consumers have credit scores which hardly allow them to get approved for traditional loans. More and more people turn to alternative lenders because of low credit and urgent need of money. Trustworthy sources inform about a solid economic growth in the US and have many proves for that but why this growth is so invisible for low and middle class Americans? Despite all the facts and impressive figures of the statistics it’s hard to understand for who the economy is improving.

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