We love the famous perfume house of Guerlain for many reasons, and we particularly admire its capability to continuously rejuvenate and relaunch itself.
We are aware that the brand constantly must seek a delicate balance between history and modernity in order to stay relevant to both loyal followers and newcomers.
We know that this is not an easy task, and we applaud Guerlain's efforts to complete it.However, we notice that Guerlain wants to change its well-known name print design, replacing the elegant, classic font with a streamlined and more casual look.

We feel that this casual appearance does not fit the luxurious and extraordinary image of Guerlain.
We think that the new name print design looks like something more fitting for a mass market brand, a hair salon or a very young design studio, and that it does not represent the timeless French beauty of Guerlain.By signing this petition, we want to declare that we would like Guerlain to give up the new name print design and return to the stately elegance of the former. We are doing this because we love Guerlain and wish it will forever stay the most beautiful brand in the world.

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