Ujadani are creatures that appear in the Wistful Wild in Pikmin 2 every thirty days, starting at Day 31 and ends at Day 301. The creatures can be attacked - this is similar to the way Pikmin attack rubble and Nectar Weed - and this releases vast quantities of nectar and spray drops. So many spray drops in one place presents the perfect chance to use a trick which effectively doubles the number of sprays the player can absorb. Doing this will produce considerably more sprays: it is possible to obtain approximately twenty of each this way. Though it may take a little extra time depending on the exact method used, it is well worth the effort to squeeze as much profit out of this rare opportunity as possible.

They are very small, orange bugs that exist and scuttle about in swarms and are not documented in the Piklopedia as other enemies in the game are. Non-White Pikmin are affected by the poison the swarms release when attacked, which acts like any other instance of poison in Pikmin 2.
The Blowhogs, the Swooping Snitchbug and Crysanthemums can be used to deflower Pikmin, which in return can be used to suck up excess nectar; because the limit is on the number of drops and not the number of concentrated doses of spray that exist in the level, this allows more sprays to enter the field. Upon closer examination, they appear to have tiny scuttling feet before their bulbous backs. The insects rarely attack, however, so it's possible to beat all insects without any non-white Pikmin being poisoned.

One of these is located near the entrance of the Hole of Heroes, and the other is in the black stone area to the right of the black gate leading to the Dream Den, on the edge of the clearing of Creeping Chrysanthemums.

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