You could build this on a live page, but with the secret board option you can take your time and create the perfect page before flipping the switch to make it public. Pinterest secret boards won’t change the way you do business, but they are a handy, creative tool that could help you Pin better and work smarter. If you're new here, you may want to check out my New Reader Page and see what Something Winnderful is all about.
We all know that nobody wants to follow us on social media if we only talk about ourselves, but checking social media for content to retweet and share every day takes a lot of time.
When you pin the content, in the description include any info you might need when you go to post it to help keep you from searching for more info. I feel like recently I’ve come across a lot of posts lately that have inspired me to write on a similar subject. There are so many posts with tips to improve your blog, it’s hard to keep track of them. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
DisclosureSomething Winnderful contains paid advertising banners and some contextual affiliate links. By Christian Karasiewicz 1 Comment When Pinterest first launched Pinterest secret boards, you were limited to creating just three secret boards.
To help you get started thinking about the different ways you can use Pinterest secret boards, I put together a collection of Pinterest secret board ideas to get you started.
When you are planning out your next product, you don’t want any important information to get out. Because you used secret boards, you can keep this under wraps until you are ready to launch your new product. Here is an example of a Pinterest secret board idea for my product, FB Marketing University. One of my favorite features of Pinterest secret boards is the ability to invite others to pin to your secret boards. Not only does this encourage collaboration, but because Pinterest secret boards are mobile, anyone you invite can pin right from their mobile device.
Because Pinterest secret boards do not show up to others, you can use this as an opportunity to monitor your competition.

For example, if someone has a birthday coming up, you can create Pinterest secret boards and pin different gift ideas you want to get them. If you are planning an event for your customers, you can also use secret boards to help you plan the event. Because you can invite others to your secret boards, you can create an amazing surprise without ruining the surprise for your customers! When Pinterest first launched, it was frustrating creating a board and not having much content to add to that specific board.
This also presented a challenge because other Pinterest users are not likely to follow a board that doesn’t have a lot of content pinned to it.
With Pinterest secret boards, you can now curate content in private and then make it public whenever you feel you have enough pins on your boards. Leave a comment below and share your best Pinterest secret board ideas that you have used to grow your business using Pinterest.
It’s perfect for pre-loading upcoming content such as your new spring line or holiday items. Since so many images on the web have Pinterest links, it’s an easy way for your staff to curate product or design ideas. A You can use a Pinterest board to gather relevant content to schedule on your social media. A Liking the post on Bloglovin helps keep it separated but it’s difficult to scroll back through and find it, much less remember your thoughts about it when you first read it.
You’re right, I read tons of posts about little improvements that you can make to your design, etc. I'm Katie Winn, a blogger, social media master and feisty little ginger sharing my happy, (sometimes) crafty and every day winn-derful life. An affiliate link means that I receive commission on sales of the products that are linked to in my posts.
This is good news for Pinterest users because you can use secret boards in lots of creative ways. It’s not even a huge story but the more I thought about the news, the more I thought about how useful it could be for online marketers. You can lock them so only you can see them or you can choose to share them with a select group of people on Pinterest.

Also note, they don’t even have a single logo or product image on the top half of the page. Instead of sifting through email after email of potential graphics, a secret board lets you see everyone’s offerings a at glance. When you start sliding the pieces around you may find certain groupings create a natural flow or have more impact when placed near each other. A You know what your blog is all about (if not definitely do that soon) so gathering content that supports you blog’s mission helps establish it as a resource while giving your followers valuable content. A Pinning a post to your secret board allows you to write a note in the description with your thoughts and ideas for later. A When you come across a post with tips you want to use ASAP, you can put it on a secret board so you can mark it as complete when you accomplish it. So if you click on a link and make a purchase from an affiliate site, then I may make a commission from that purchase.
Previously, businesses had access to a limited number of these boards but Pinterest took the cap off last week. Instead, they filled the entire page with inspiring images that project how their coffee makes you feel. A Also, when you write your post, you have the original post easily available to link back to.
Never fear though, affiliate links are only included for products I have purchased or would purchase myself.
It’s a secret you can use to get ahead on Pinterest and in your online business in general. A At some point most bloggers want to pay for a unique design and have their blog look the way they always envisioned. A You can use a secret board to gather informative sponsorship how to posts as well as blogs that have great sponsorship programs.
A A secret board is a great way to keep all those designs you like in one place so when the time comes to talk to a designer you have a clear idea of what you want.

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