In a fast changing market environment the task of reducing the downtime for change management of business processes has high importance. Business Change Management team will manage and monitor fundamental elements of a change caused by a new system or project.
A management plan is a document that outlines the vision and direction for a protected area.
Situates the protected area within a landscape context, both geographically and as a part of the protected areas network, in short, where is it, and what is its role in BC Parks system. Describes the key features and values of the protected area (such as natural, cultural and recreation values). Responds to current and predicted future threats to the values and opportunities to enhance or change the values and uses of the area. The draft management plan must be prepared using the established BC Parks management plan template. As per BC Parks policy, the public is provided the opportunity to review and provide comment on draft management plans.
The level of public engagement and the type of public consultation required varies according to the specific circumstances of the protected area in question.
To find out about current formal opportunities for public comment visit the Active Management Planning Page.

BC Parks has policies and guidelines and templates that guide the management planning program. In this initial phase, all existing management commitments such as land use planning direction, government to government agreements, and previous management plans for a protected area are compiled. Previously identified interests and issues are discussed, and appropriate management direction is developed in the form of a vision, management objectives and strategies, and a zoning plan.
As per the BC Parks policy, there must be an opportunity for public review and comment on the draft plan. This stage involves the review of all submissions received during the public review period and the subsequent editing of the plan if and as required. The effectiveness of the management activities and of the management plan itself must be assessed by BC Parks (and the collaborative partner(s) where relevant) on a regular basis.
Depending on the project, there may be single or multiple opportunities for public feedback and review.
However, all management planning processes will provide open and transparent access to background information, draft management planning documents, and the rationale behind management planning decisions.
You will also find a link on the Active Management Planning Page to sign up to receive RSS Feeds with updates on all approved management plans and opportunities for public comment. For example, agility of the market, new client needs, or organizational restructuring affects the way of doing business and hence do influence the design of business processes.

From there the regional planning staff determine where each potential management planning project fits within regional and provincial priorities.
Following the review and approval of the draft management plan by BC Parks decision makers, the management plan is finalised.
BC Parks managers, operational staff and partners carry out the implementation of the strategies identified in the management plan.
Based on the results of the evaluations, management direction may need to be adjusted, or modifications may need to be made to the management plan to adjust to any changes in societal, cultural or natural resource values associated with the protected area.
Adaptability to changes and speed of innovation are a prerequisite for business process management.
The public is notified when the project plan is complete and the project is being initiated.
Hence, a business process management approach should be able to accommodate these changes in the model as and when they occur.

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