Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. We are honored to announce the release of PFC3: Songs Around The World – available everywhere now! It’s been a while since Playing For Change (PFC) came up with the first album covering many street artists and other less know talented artists from around the world bringing them together for a single cause, the music.
PFC has allowed unknown talented artists from different countries to sing along side the well known singers like Bono. The songs in the albums from PFC are recorded on the fly, they do some sound editing and video editing to make it good. This exceptional musical collaboration is part of a global effort to inspire peace through music and to connect diverse musicians worldwide. How many times have you been walking down the street or through a bus, subway or train station and heard music that pulled your mind out of your every day thoughts and made you stop and listen?
While there are millions of people who hear this kind of music every day and are lucky enough to have it change their lives for a minute or two, about 10 years ago recording engineer and producer Mark Johnson heard two monks in a New York City subway station and it changed his life forever. As the moment on the subway platform marinated in his head, Johnson realized that most of the high end equipment that he had access to in the recording studios he worked in was portable. Clarence Bekker, a Dutch musician who is featured in the video, echoed Johnson’s feelings when The Marquee caught up with him by phone from Washington, D.C. As the project progressed and Johnson continued to show the work in progress to musician after musician, he realized that not a single person had turned down his offer to participate.
Almost as soon as the video hit the internet in November of 2008 it became a viral sensation, accumulating more than 30 million views to date. Playing for Change serves as a reminder to the world that music holds a very special power that transcends race, religion, language, and socio-economic status. The Marquee strives to be the Farmer’s Almanac of the regional music scene — providing readers with facts, tid-bits, in-depth feature stories and a Calendar section that is unparalleled on Colorado’s Front Range, covering every live music venue from large venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre to small clubs and coffee shops. Baaba Maal participates in the album with an arrangement of Bob Marley‘s “Three Little Birds” - Photo by Tyrone Le BonIn 2008 Playing For Change entered into a joint venture with Concord Music Group through the support of label co-owner, entertainment legend Norman Lear and Concord Music Group chief creative officer John Burk.
The Foundation’s first project, the Ntonga Music School in South Africa, opened in 2009.
The song Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder is included in his album titled Innervisons (Motown, 1973).

El pasado 17 de Diciembre asisti con Dulce, Victor, Pablo y Nuria al concierto que daba Playing for change en Madrid. Playing for change es una iniciativa que descubri hace poco, aunque la idea lleva 10 anos en activo, y tiene como objetivo traer la paz al mundo a traves de su musica. Una parte importante del concierto la llenaron artistas espanoles de renombre (que no siempre significa que sean buenos) invitados, que cantaron alguna de sus canciones con toda la banda y acompanados por un artista callejero.
Aunque el grupo tiene sus indiscutibles protagonistas, los cuatro solistas donde se incluye al entranable Grandpa, todos y cada uno de los integrantes tenian un dominio absoluto de su instrumento. The idea for this project arose from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.
An effort made by a guy Mark Johnson from California has became a global phenomenon by bringing musical talents together for the global peace. This makes it more of an ego-less music which allows sound from every instrument played, voice of every singer in the song to be heard by the listeners. It might have been a mournful sax tune, deft fingers plucking out a familiar melody on the strings of a nylon guitar, or a kid drumming on the bottom of a plaster bucket, but whatever it was, it caught your ear for one reason — because it was unusually good.
It wasn’t long before he had put together a mobile recording studio and made the decision that he would set out on a globe trekking adventure with the intent to record musicians that he encountered along the way. King song “Stand By Me” and as he set about trying to recruit musicians to participate in the project he realized that the vision he had in his mind was not one that others grasped easily. This gave Johnson another idea and from the long list of musicians he had come in contact with over the course of his travels, Johnson assembled a 10 person live band that embodies the spirit of the Playing for Change mission. It is one of the few things that we have in common on this planet and Mark Johnson’s vision has given us the rare opportunity to look through a window into a world where peace through music is more than a slogan, it is a reality. In addition, The Foundation has opened three music schools in Nepal as well as schools in Ghana, Mali and Rwanda, with more in the planning stages.
Aunque ya teniamos las entradas compradas para asistir, Yayel (la prima secreta de Dulce :D) me consiguio un pase de prensa como fotografo. Esta formada por un grupo muy amplio de artistas de diferentes nacionalidades (Grecia, Italia, Angola, Sudafrica, Estados Unidos…) y entre todos crean una descomunal fiesta multicultural encima del escenario. Entre ellos me quedo con el guitarrista y el bajo, que dieron un recital de tecnica y pasion impecables. La fiesta audiovisual con las que nos deleitaron, la entrega de todos los integrantes del grupo, la mezcolanza de culturas y ritmos… Todo fue espectacular y ademas por una buena causa.

En el podras encontrar una combinacion de curiosidades tecnologicas y reflexiones sobre la innovacion y los entornos digitales. No matter whether people come from different geographic, political, economic, spiritual or ideological backgrounds, music has the universal power to transcend and unite us as one human race. Technology allowed all these scattered talents to bring their musical composition together to form a complete song. Mostly the musicians listens to the original song and it’s up to them to decide how they want to perform that song.
On this day I saw about 200 people just stop and honestly nobody got on the train and everybody was just watching these monks,” Johnson told The Marquee during a recent interview on the eve of the first date of the first Playing for Change tour. I got the idea that he was going around connecting musicians together and I could imagine a documentary of all these musicians together, but when I saw the first footage of ‘Stand By Me’ it was like nothing I had ever come close to thinking about.
What is truly amazing is that world is our own and Johnson simply gave us the lens to see it through. To create links between the schools, Playing For Change is working with engineers from NASA. El caso es que me sirvio para entrar la camara en el recinto pero dado que solo nos dejaron cinco minutos en el foso y el espacio para fotografos estaba al final del pabellon, me tuve que buscar la vida. Tocan canciones tipicas de lugares alrededor del mundo y versionan conocidos himnos con letras esperanzadoras. Recomiendo informarse de como podeis participar con esta iniciativa echandole un ojo a su pagina web. They want to offer third world countries the ability to connect with the outside world through the Internet. Then I got on the train and I went to the studio and it occurred to me that the best music I ever heard in my life was on the way to the studio and not in the studio.

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