We are changing the future of mobile entertainment by creating original and innovative, high-quality experiences for our players to enjoy. Released December 2014, in Night at the Museum: Hidden Treasures players join their favorite characters from NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM in a new kind of adventure. Released June 2013, in Secret Passages: Hidden Objects, players explore ancient worlds with the brave adventurer Maddie. Released November 2014, in Runway Life players can build a modeling agency into a worldwide fashion powerhouse!
Released August 2013, in Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, players explore mysterious islands and rescue stranded animals that need help!
Released March 2012, in Tap Paradise Cove, players build a thriving island settlement while exploring uncharted territory and new worlds in this first of its kind exploration simulation game. Released March 2012, in Tap Paradise Cove, players build a thriving island settlement while exploring uncharted territory and new worlds in this first of its’ kind exploration simulation game. I did not keep track this weekend of the number of spins I used, though I would say the number was no more than 20, I was shocked in that I hit 500 3x and 200 1x, a very nice turn compared to recent events. Current goal: Earn enough rubies to buy enough superfruits so I can make my run for the billionare bandits. Yep, that is common for me as I only (accidentally) get any kind of score in search events. Players watch exhibits come to life as they search for spectacular hidden objects with some of history’s biggest personalities. Players journey through mysterious secret passages that connect the greatest civilizations in history and search hidden object scenes, find clues, and uncover the world's greatest mysteries.

Players recruit the world’s top modeling talent, work with superstar designers and show off their style in fabulous custom photo shoots. Exotic creatures are stranded on flooded islands and players bring them safely home to build an animal paradise! Save exotic creatures from flooded islands and bring them safely home to build your very own animal paradise! They should have a little rose emoji after their name, if I'm thinking about the same player. Curiosity keeps me going back in to watch the leaderboard and the scores have been static for some time.
I have been focused almost exclusively on ruby aquisition in order to upgrade all my NR sites. I hope that doesnt sound too cynical but it does give hope to others if the elete can be de-pedestalised occasionally. I didn't recognize anyone, but maybe Gotta's been keeping an eye on a couple of the leaders??? At Pocket Gems, part of our vision is to create AAA-quality, 3D game experiences that are designed from the ground up for mobile. Animal Voyage integrates many gameplay features in a new and unique way including collection, puzzle and exploration. At this college, the party never stops as you recruit the smartest girls, star athletes and crazy partiers!
Tap Paradise Cove has consistently been in the Top grossing apps on iOS for more than 70 weeks.

If you are still having difficulties with your forum experience, please PM any of the following PG Employees: Jesse, PGWilsooon, or PGLiz and they'll take care of you.
I guess it does not matter if you are first or second unless pride dictates how you finish.
We’re growing our team to accomplish this vision by laying a strong foundation of leadership and senior game developers who have worked on many high quality titles. Have a luau on the beach, host sorority formals, and live the campus life you always dreamed of! We’re serious about building a team that will design stunning mobile worlds to delight millions of players globally. We’ve also been building a proprietary mobile-first game engine with 3D and real-time multiplayer capabilities.
On a negative side my ruby total has a long way to go to be seriously competitive in a casino event.
Now, we’re using this technology to make immersive new games that push mobile device capabilities to the limit. If you want to help us visualize the future of mobile of gaming, we encourage you to look through our job openings.

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