John Maxwell’s lesson Developing a Positive Self-Image teaches both the value of confidence and practical ways to develop and maintain a positive self-image. You’re positive self-image is that you believe you are successful, happy, and abundant. Because of this preconceived imagery in your young mind, you were able to do just as you had already imagined.
This mechanism in your brain is so powerful, that you can literally teach yourself to succeed in any situation simply by imagining yourself succeeding. There have been several historic case studies which have proven that imagining a self-image of your succeeding or winning WILL make that happen naturally and automatically.
You’re self-image can and will help you play Chess better without ever practicing outside of your own imagination. Yourself image will help you get the job you want simply by imagining yourself having an outstanding interview and landing the position. When you see yourself in the end result that you desire, and you picture it with detailed precision, you mind comes up with a way for you to GET YOUR END RESULT!

When you decide you want to reach a certain goal in life, be it business, relationships, or personal goals you have set for yourself, you will need to develop a positive self-image of you already having the end reward of attaining your goal. When you have tattooed your new positive self-image onto your brain and your mind’s eye is able to focus on it vividly at will, you will be able to attract more success much more easily than your were previously able to do.
You positive self-image WILL propel you to new heights of success you probably never imagined was possible for you.
Remember that you own self-image is the key to your success and you can literally paint the picture of your life and have anything you want. It’s not that your dreams are held captive in the child inside of you, it’s that they were temporarily misplaced when negativity plagued your mind.
NOW, you are taking back control of your dream and designing your own destiny by creating the self-image that creates success, wealth, good health, abundance and true prosperity in your life. While some of that attitude comes from succeeding, it is impossible to even begin moving toward success unless you believe in yourself enough go after your goals and dreams while learning to fail forward. You imagined yourself balancing on your hands and knees, moving one hand and then one knee in front of the other.

During this time you will focus on your goal in such a vivid way that your own self-image will display YOU already having your desired result. Be sure to note specific things such as the smells in the air, the temperature of the environment, the sounds you hear or don’t hear the people around you, what they are doing, what they are wearing. With time, yourself image will become very clear and you will believe more and more that your goal WILL become reality because in your mind you are beginning to believe you have already achieved it.
Success likes speed, and speed of implementation is a solid method for succeeding more often.

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