The first one uses Tolkien’s Tengwar alphabet (for his Elvish languages) but it’s simple transliteration of English into Tengwar script, not an actual translation. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.
On Monday Proctors' AFI 100 series is showing Mutiny on the Bounty (the 1935, Clark Cable version). PostSecret founder Frank Warren will be at UAlbany Tuesday for "a multi-media presentation" and book signing.
Dynamic systems expert, professor of climate strategy, and futurist Jorgen Randers will be at UAlbany Wednesday for a talk about his recent book, 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years.
On Thursday a panel of Skidmore professors will be discussing the question: "Can anything hold back the overwhelming power of the market?" The discussion is part of the Tang Museum's "We The People" series. Opening Thursday at Proctors: a Hubbard Hall production of Verdi's La Traviata, with a 22-piece orchestra and projections on the GE's theater's screen.
Looking ahead to next week: Passion Pit and Matt & Kim are at the RPI Field House next Monday. Ever wish you had a smart, savvy friend with the inside line on what's happening around the Capital Region?
This project will explore the psychology of secret making, secret sharing, and the emotional effect of an individual letting go of a secret. Warren took the exhibit to the internet as a weekly blog on January 1, 2005, to display the postcards as an ongoing community art project. There is a system in place to safely deposit hundreds of secrets from individuals’ homes to a website viewed by thousands. Because we currently live in the age of rapid technological development, it is fair to wonder if it is possible to achieve the same level of anonymity using the internet versus the post office. As safe as the internet is often promoted to be, there are several critical downfalls left unconsidered or undisclosed to the general public. The IP address, or Internet Protocol address, is the most common way to track back to an individual on the Internet.
Web site owners often obtain a static IP address from their service provider in order to host their website. Given this information, it would not be difficult to find out who posted a secret from a specific computer. The old method of communication, that of postal mail, seems to be a more anonymous method of submittal. Although police and special services are exceptions to this law, they are still restricted to some degree.
Recently, a study by Qian and Scott (2007) has combined the previous research results explained above and researched anonymity and self-disclosure on weblogs.

Post secret not only allows fans to secretly mail in their postcards, but also allows others to send responses about their feelings towards some of these postcards. Figure 2: Although Religion, Problems with Children, Family and Pregancy and Postcards of a Sexual Nature were among the top three postcard categories, it can be seen here that the most common secret sent was about people's sexual nature.
Figure 3: This chart shows the response "I know how you feel" (4 out of 19 responses in total from September 29th to November 9, 2007) as the most common type of response, followed with "I've done that before" (3 our of 19). Earlier today, I saw the secret about having the cool toy iPhone and still not getting any calls and it resonated with me.
It's pretty gutsy to have your private phone number published on a website that people read worldwide. That South Dakotan stranger has heard from people from around the world, wishing him well, and reaching out to a person who was brave enough to admit they, too, were lonely. To Conclude the study, it was found that categories concerning Religion, Problems with Children, Family and Pregnancy and categories of a sexual nature were among the top three secret subjects fans would most likely reveal.
Rodriguez RR, Kelly AE (2006) Health Effects of Disclosing Secrets to Imagined Accepting Versus Non-Accepting Confidants.
Taylor RB, De Soto CB, Lieb R (1979) Sharing Secrets: Disclosure and Discretion in Dyads and Triads. Vrij A, Nunkoosing K, Paterson B, Oosterwegel A, Soukara S (2002) Characteristics of Secrets and the Frequency, Reasons and Effects of Secrets Keeping and Disclosure.
Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from New Mexico! PostSecret is, of course, the popular online project that collects secrets people send in on postcards. The two-day event includes a "cooking show dinner" with Angelo Mazzone, and a grand tasting. He printed 3,000 postcards and gave them to strangers, requesting that they send it to his home address, in Germantown, Maryland, once completed. To ensure that the site remained non-judgmental, the comment section of the blog was short-lived. He considers this endeavor, which began in late 2004, as a sacred and trusted public arts project, and is careful not to violate that covenant.
Many may ask: “Why use post cards, when email seems much easier and convenient?” To answer that let us take a deeper look into both old and new ways of sharing a secret. For example, every time one enters any website, a “business card”, also known as an IP address, is left.
An IP address is similar to the street address on your house, but it identifies the location of a computer or device on a network. The service provider will have information on the individual or business that maintains the site and pays the monthly charge.

Though it is slightly more difficult to track secrets that were posted from other computers, it is not too difficult for an average person to do this at any given time.
In cases where people share their email addresses, one can track an address through a "secret-posting" site. One may try to go to Frank Warren's residence and try to get a postcard of interest, but this would most likely fail. Every week, the number of postcards in each category were tallied and at the end of the observations, tallies were summed for each category to show which category had the most postcards about it. The most common categories in which anonymous ailers have secrets about can be seen here ranked 5 (as the most amount of secrets in the category) to 1 (as the least amount of secrets in the category). I couldn't believe when I checked later this evening and saw the reply, including his phone number. I hoped to help him smile and feel like he mattered and that people are basically good; yet those were the things our brief conversation gave to me. Amid the top three, fans revealed more secrets about their sexual nature than any other secret category observed. Imagine a scheme in which you advertise for people to anonymously send you, at their expense, a postcard divulging their innermost secret(s).
I understand a one way starting at the ESP ramp, as that really throws a wrench in everything.
It was also found that responses with the "I know how you feel" general statement occured the most followed with "I've done that before". As you show, it's clearly large enough to be two way, and one way streets encourage speeding, even without the super wide street.
This shows that other viewers are able to connect to these postcard senders on a general and even person level alleviating their own discomforts and fears.
I'll never understand Albany's love affair with unnecessary one ways and I've live here all my life.
In fact, in the foreword in one of his book, the publisher writes that Frank Warren was regarded as 'the most trusted man in America' in a short period of time.
For mail contained within an envelope there are legal provisions in some jurisdictions allowing the recording identities.[4].

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