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Creative Life Force Power Meditation - MP3 DOWNLOADCreative Life Force 45 minute Total Empowerment Process opens your energy fields, activates your 7 energy centers (Chakras), and develops your creative power to manifest your life purpose and desires faster. Creative Life Force Power Meditation - CDCreative Life Force 50 minute Total Empowerment & Meditation Process opens your energy fields, activates your 7 energy centers, and develops your creative power to manifest your life pupose and desires faster.
High Frequency Soul Awakeing Class Level 1This class requires your kundalini channel to be fully open (perquisite for this is the Spiritual Awakening Course-Exercises). Merkaba Heart Level 1 Meditation - DownloadMerkaba Level One Introduction, 14 Breath Merkaba Heart Opening Meditation download. Kriya Yoga Chakra Breathwork and Chakra Petals Bija Sounds -DOWNLOADDownload the audio file and instructions with all Chakra Petals Charts. Chakra Breathwork and Gayatri BiJa Chakra Meditation - DOWNLOADDownload - Chakra breathwork excercise and Gayatri Bija mantra chakra meditation. Universal Spiritual and Soul Awakening Level 1 (2-Days Class-Workshop)This 2-Day Self-transformation program was received through advanced Universal Spiritual Masters. This program has exercises and activations that open you up to 12-15 Dimension Frequencies. Activation of all the petals in the 7 centers helps clear, open your central channel and balance your system.

The program is powerful hands-on experiential process that helps clear your negative energy blocks, opens higher channels and activates connection with higher GOD Source Energies.
You also receive the following: 1) Spiritual Awakening course manual 2) **Creative Life Force Guided Power meditation** 3) Advance Chakra breathwork and Chakra petals activation exercises (using Bija high frequency sounds) 4) Merkaba 14 breathwork (guided audio exercises).
The level 1 program has an activation to open up to your higher aspect and your 6th and 7th senses. Receive the benefits of both Chakra Petals activation and a guided Chakra breathwork meditation. For those that know the power of the Gayatri mantra, this meditation process (the combination od breath, gayatri Bija sounds and Chakra focus) is even more powerful. The program expands your consciousness; you receive a deeper understanding and connection to your Whole Self (Incarnate to Godseed). The process clears your issues at the cellular level, energizes, transforms and strengthens your beingness, provides clarity.
The processes provided in this program help you raise your vibration-frequency and help open up your kundalini channel.
For those familiar with Merkaba Techniques - Extreme Caution is required in going beyond the 14th Breath and spinning to activate the Merkaba.
Learn about human energetics, its relation to vibrations, frequency, density and dimensions, and how this applies to the Universal Ascension Process.

Clears your auric field, raises your vibration and transmits your intentions into the universal realm while in the superconscious meditative state. Kundalini activation in the body is required to open the central channel (Antahkarana) for the higher level soul awakening classes.
There are many types of merkaba activations - many activate monadic reversal process (Reverse your Original GOD SOURCE Imprint). This information is covered in more detail in the Universal Spiritual Soul Awakening Program 1. The spiritual Awakening program (and Creative Lifeforce power meditation) are required pre-requisites for this program. It will help you clear dense energies in your system and open up to the higher divine life force energies. It is important to have practiced the various Chakra excercises several times (few weeks) in these two programs - and have your kundalini channel opened for this program [feel the flow of energy flowing along your spine when the lower 7 chakras (base-to-crown)are activated].
The power meditation and adv chakra petals exercises must be practiced regularly (minimum once a week) for at least a month prior to attending the Soul Awakening class.

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