Mind power refers to the proper use of conscious and subconscious minds to realize your desire successfully, to achieve your goals, and to improve your overall personality. Everything in the universe is energy moving at a certain frequency that attracts other energy moving at the same frequency. The placebo effect in medical science claims that the threat of a disease is related to a person’s level of belief, imagination and willpower.
If you are ready to learn and implement all the relevant tools and techniques in your life, within few days you will see a major change in your thoughts, actions and results. I always spent my half an hour to read this website's posts everyday along with a mug of coffee. Have you ever really stopped to consider just how much of your life is controlled by the power of your subconscious mind?  Some may choose to discard that suggestion but the fact is the subconscious plays a powerful role in your daily life, and for the most part its activity is beyond your conscious awareness.
Since the subconscious processes and stores so many of our memories, it has the power to control many of our decisions and actions.  An individual may choose to bypass a viable opportunity based on a negative experience from their past that could be decades old.
What is holding you back from having the success that you desire and deserve in life?  Once you discover the power of the subconscious mind and what you can do to harness it’s power and make it work for  instead of against you,  there will be little that you cannot change in yourself or achieve in your life.
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Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy of Success works more efficiently when you engage your subconscious mind in the learning process. It also talks about the application of psychological and physiological tools to improve the mental health and related diseases.

Conscious mind gathers information from the environment, analyzes it, and interprets it; this information is pushed into the subconscious mind.
The answer is very simple because your subconscious mind thinks something different and your conscious mind thinks something else. Subconscious mind is the gateway to the universal creative mind; it’s responsible for all the intuition, intelligence, wisdom and ultimate source of energy. A lot of times it's very difficult to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance.
I could have sworn I've visited your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it's new to me. He is going to share with you how the power of your subconscious mind can direct your life in any direction you want a€“ you just have to know how to do it. Subconscious mind just acts over the information and always tries to prove that whatever conscious mind thinks is absolutely correct. This conflict between conscious mind and subconscious mind blocks the emotional energy and the universal creative process. This universal creative mind has got many names in different cultures and times like god power, super soul, holy spirit, mind power, string theory, the universe, TOE, GUTS etc. In other words, the job of the subconscious mind is to follow the instructions of the conscious mind and to always prove that conscious mind is always Right.
But for the time being, the short solution is to focus and to validate all your thoughts, images, emotions and actions with your True Hearts Desire which will make you to move on the path of personal development naturally.

More advanced and more directly useful to students of success is the subconscious mind.This greater mind can be accessed through positive affirmations, meditation, repetition and visualization. With the passage of time, a repeating cycle [Conditioning] is designed from Thoughts (Information), Images, Actions & Results, and gradually this whole process becomes Autonomic. This is also the self-destructive comfort zone that consciously or unconsciously attracts negative vibrations and energy.
So you continue to repeat these behaviors and their modified forms even if they harm you knowingly or automatically.
Any opposition or change to this autonomic process is resisted by the subconscious mind and hence the conscious mind. Many a times, this resistance is so powerful that you encounter stress, various bodily discomforts, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety etc. Simply put, the subconscious mind is like a fertile garden.Seeds of greatness or seeds of despair can be sown.

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