In this program kids will learn about how they can harness the power of their mind to create a happy, fulfilling life. By understanding how their mind works, kids will understand why the skills they learn work. The following is an overview of the five skill books included in this program and what your kids will learn!
Just like a plane can take us where we want to go on a vacation, our mind takes us where we want to go in life.
These programs are called belief systems and they either support us in creating what we want in life or they limit us at every turn.
Understanding and creating supportive belief systems is critical for reaching our full potential, creating a happy life, and achieving our goals. In Power of Possibility, kids learn more about belief systems and how limiting beliefs create their comfort zone.
They learn that when they live in their comfort zone, they limit what is possible for themselves.

Kids learn that when they build a belief system based on possibilities, they can overcome any obstacle, move through fear, handle mistakes and failure, learn to successfully manage change, and bust outside of their comfort zone and into their dream zone.
In the Neural Pathways skill book, kids learn the secret behind why we get nervous before doing something new. Our RAS, or Reticular Activating System, is the unique part of our brain that enables us to screen out “background noise” so that our brain only pays attention to things that are relevant to us. Kids learn about a powerful tool called “power shifting” which enables them to choose how they experience their lives. Power shifting enables our kids to shift how they think about events they perceive as negative in such a way that it supports them. Power shifting is a powerful tool for shifting limiting beliefs, stretching outside of our comfort zone, and moving past failure and disappointments. Wise in 5 activities are great to keep with you in the car (review at a red light!) or to pull out at snack time. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Understanding “why” will give them confidence that they too can develop powerful self-confidence and achieve their goals. Kids learn that our mind has two parts, our conscious mind which acts like our pilot – controlling our “plane” with thoughts…and our subconscious mind which acts like our autopilot – controlling our “plane” based on the “programs” it is running. They learn how to prepare their brain to minimize this nervousness and how to prepare their brain to achieve new goals – especially goals outside of their comfort zone. When we tell ourselves what we want through affirmations and goal setting, our RAS puts our goals on our radar screen and looks for things that will help us get what we want. Power shifting is based on the premise that events are neutral and that we assign meaning to those events based on how we think about them. The activities are designed to take about five minutes and provide a review of the skill as well as an opportunity to practice.

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