Did you mean Halloween-Story Best of a Fun present - The Return of Psycho Rangers (2015, UK) part made by CoolzDane & 76859Thomas?
Article Halloween-story best of a fun present - the return of psycho rangers (2015, uk) part made by coolzdane & 76859thomas was not found. Meanwhile Andros has another run in with Darkonda & 1 of his 9 lives, and Astronema tries desperately to discover her past.
25 is one of my favorites since Adam actually kicks some real butt and it feels like a proper MMPR era episode, unlike most of the others which felt more like paved over Sentai episodes.

Here Astronema’s civilian captives are enslaved and now the Power Rangers have found themselves trapped there as well.
These digital ghosts will stop at nothing until they can be whole again, and destroy the Power Rangers for good! Press #1 for power, press #2 for more, but even he doesn’t know that #3 will unleash the greatest power ever! Cobbled together from broken bits and hope, Adam’s original Power Morpher has been rebuilt!

But with his powers in flux, and the risk of using them great, can the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger rise again?

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