This book will help you learn how to tap into those areas of your mind that you normally let run on autopilot.
Your mind contains not only vast amounts of information, but untapped mental powers that you can unlock and begin to use. Hi, I’m DayoMy name is Dayo Okubule, a Nigerian, a connoisseur of books, a lawyer, a lover of all things in pages.
From the power of persuasion to the law of attraction, you too can tap into your own unused brainpower to unlock your full potential.

Joseph Murphy gives you the tools you will need to unlock the awesome powers of your subconscious mind.
Once you learn how to use this unbelievably powerful force there is nothing you will not be able to accomplish. Join the millions of people who have already unlocked the power of their subconscious minds. I urge you to study this book and apply the techniques outlined therein; and as you do, I feel absolutely convinced that you will lay hold of a miracle-working power that will lift you up from confusion, misery, melancholy, and failure, and guide you to your true place, solve your difficulties, sever you from emotional and physical bondage, and place you on the royal road to freedom, happiness, and peace of mind.

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