Today, we are bombarded with stress inducing factors that truly takes a toll on our way of breathing.
A gentle and easy introduction to the art of Pranayama with two of the most basic exercise. Pranayama or the practice of restraining the prana or breath, is one of the key components of yoga and is being taught freely to students who are paying for yoga classes. However, for us who are at the conservative end of the yoga practitioners' spectrum, pranayama is not something that we teach freely. You can live without food and water for a few days, but you cannot live without breathing for a minute.
The modern day lifestyle can be very fast and furious leaving many people feeling depressed tired and basically unable to cope.
In the normal breathing pattern the diaphragm moves downward when the person inhales and moves upward when the person exhales. In addition to basic long, deep breathing, the most common pranayama techniques include victorious or ujayyi breath, breath of fire and alternate nostril breathing.
Ujayyi or victorious breath is done only through the nose and involves a slight constriction at the back of the throat.

Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha is recognised internationally as one of the most systematic yoga manuals today. Our lack of physical activities, constant stress due to responsibilities, work, traffic and others lead to a seriously unhealthy lifestyle and shallow breathing.
If not treated in time, the diabetic patient is susceptible to many risks of the bodily damages.
If it is practiced regularly with empty stomach for 45 to 90 days all chronic, uncurable or deadly diseases like cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B, Parkinson, diabetes, HIV, asthma, allergies, are cured with 80-90% results.
The main difference is that while in jogging, it is all about heart rates and fitness, yoga is more about the body and mind connection, a connection that is achievable through the practice of pranayama. I had been taking classes for a couple of years and had just found the instructor I later came to see as my first "real" yoga teacher.
While these symptoms are not good they are simply our body's way of telling us to slow down and to take a few deep breaths.
An asthma patient breathes in an unnatural way by using only the upper portion of the chest. Open your mouth slightly, in such a way that the tip of your tongue should be closer to both lines of the teeth.

This places a high value on what some people refer to as "breathing." Yet, pranayama is actually the systematic cultivation of prana (energy).
Since it's first publication by the Bihar School of yoga in 1969 it has been reprinted thirteen times and translated into many languages. The risk factors are associated to damaging kidney, nerve, vision, heart, and circulatory system.
Early in the morning, oxygen level is high so doing Pranayam leads to more intake of oxygen.
It guides the practitioner or teacher from the simplest to the most advanced practices of hatha yoga system. A therapeutic index is provided for use by doctors and yoga therapists incorporating recent information from research into yoga.
This edition successfully brings the exposition of yoga practices to the standard of a university text.

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