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Our Holistic Healing Retreat focuses on Interpersonal Communication, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Pranayama Yoga Breathing Meditations, and Asanas for Self Awareness and Growth. Please see the following chart and explanation of the breakdown of all components and subjects encompassed during our Holistic Healing Retreat.
Ten – 10% Hands-On Demonstrations – Having participants demo demonstrate the proper positioning and techniques for asana, yoga breathing and sitting positions.
Ten – 10% Partner Work – Working on postures by correcting each other as a team and physically doing partner yoga together. Five – 5% Breathing – The practice of various Yoga Breathing, Pranayama techniques such as Alternate Nostril Breathing to achieve stillness for holistic healing. Practicing breathing exercise or Pranayama should be safe if you are supervised by an instructor.
Also, remember to practice Pranayama in a place where there is fresh, clean air and no smoke or other chemicals are present in the atmosphere.

When i practice pranayam ( purak , kunbhak & rechak ) it affect on my sleep now i cant get deep sleep.
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We invite you to submit your own Yoga articles and add them to our website to share them with the world! Aside from that, you should also consult your doctor before you get into any serious breathing exercise especially if you suffer from breathing problems like asthma or shortness of breath. You must be relaxed before doing it so that you will not immediately get exhausted or run out of breath. If at some point during practice your breath suddenly becomes rough or uneven, stop and relax. This is because in Pranayama, air will be pulled deeper into your lungs, so the air needs to be very clean.
Other approaches incorporate pranayama techniques into asana practice from the very beginning.

Some may think that Pranayama is all about how long you can hold your breath, which is incorrect. Remember also to practice it in an area with room temperature; conditions that are too hot or too cold may affect the regularity of your breathing.
Keep in mind not to do Pranayama up to levels that may make you uncomfortable, and to always do things slowly and carefully.
But my training is primarily in Iyengar Yoga, in which pranayama is taught, very slowly and carefully, as a separate practice from asana. It is about controlling one’s breath in a way that it comes out smoother and more relaxed, making exhalation an important part of Pranayama. Try to assume a position that may be more applicable to that particular breathing exercise.

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