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In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, as part of his last exhortations to the Thessalonians, Paul urged them to pray without ceasing, after which in verse 23 he prayed that the God of peace Himself would sanctify them completely.
When the multitude from the chief priest and elders of the people came to arrest Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:47-56, John 18), Jesus was at peace because He had just come from praying.
Peter while praying got answers to the questions about Jews’ conducts with the gentiles. Paul having received answers from God concerning the raging storm in prayers had peace and was confident to announce to his ship mates that there would be no loss of life among them but only of the ship. A consistent prayer life builds faith in God in you that leaves you perpetually at peace at all times.
Daniel with death sentence over him and his friends boldly asked King Nebuchadnezzar for time, that he might give him the interpretation of his dream.
There are circumstances that are beyond our human comprehension and ability to solve but are no challenges at all to God. Men may spurn your appeals, reject your message, oppose your arguments, despise your person, but they are helpless against your prayers. What you can’t achieve because you are not in the political, economical or social position to do so, you can achieve on your knees. Now, prayer is not just saying something to God, it is praying from the heart, backed up with God’s word and faith in Him. P.S if you enjoyed this post make sure you enter your email address here for free email update.
It is the fastest and cheapest way to conquer situations because you are relating with the creator of the universe.

On the other hand Peter who didn’t pray with Christ as He had requested, had no peace of mind and was making mistakes and taking the wrong steps throughout that day. So when he was faced with the issue of Cornelius he was at peace and when the Jews queried him about it, he boldly answered them without fearing what their response would be (Acts 10, 11:1-18). When you spend time communicating with God in prayer, you will discover that gradually you are building your confidence in God, His word and in yourself. You get to trust God that anytime you call upon Him He would answer, so that even when the storm of life is raging you are calm and calculated.
He believed that all he needed was to pray to God for the interpretation of the dream and God would reveal it to him.
The peace you desire in your family, place of work or nation you can achieve through prayers.
You may pray for an hour and still not pray, but when you meet with God even for a moment, you will be in touch with Him all through the day.
A prayerful person knows better not to play with his prayer time since experience has taught him that he rules over the devil on his knees.
No challenge that comes your way will throw you off balance when you have had a quality time with God in prayer.
You develop full trust in God’s ability to help you and handle issues that are concerns to you. Your encounters with God in prayer give you confidence to face tomorrow, not just to pass through it but to conquer and subdue it. He went into prayers with his friends seeking an interpretation of the king’s dream from God and God revealed it to him. If you consider any concern too minute to be prayed for then don’t turn it into a burden later.

In 1Timothy 2:1, He admonished us to pray for kings and all that are in authority so that we may live a quiet and peaceable life.
Therefore, target to meet the Prince of peace in prayer, and peace will stay with you all day.
It is the channel of involving God in the affairs of men, except you pray God can do nothing about that situation. The peace of God robs on you and envelops you such that no arrow shut against you gets at you. And not long after that he denied his master, Jesus, whom he had earlier on said he would lay down his life for – John 13:37.
Yes, you work as if you have all the time in the world but then, you need to pray to God to ensure that you remain alive and victorious for each new day. And in Amos 6: 1-7, God rebuked all who were at ease in Zion when things were going wrong and told them that because of that they would go into captivity.
So prayer settles your mind and equips you to pursue and conquer the businesses of the day. When you choose not to pray when you see something small going wrong, know that before long it will become something big that will swallow up any peace you may have.

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