Note: Our new book Supermom vs Super Mom is digital and will help you eliminate clutter in your life, too!
Like we said earlier, you’ll see how a lot of our past episodes relate to the things we are doing in the “initiate movement” step of the TLPs, to move towards our simple life goals. It taught us to be more deliberate about what we buy or allow into our lives (things, circumstances, commitments and events). And, it influenced us to physically downsize our stuff so we can achieve the goal of living in a smaller home, customized to our lifestyle now and long-term. One thing that Vanessa is always cognizant of when working with clients is that by downsizing now you can decrease the chance of a major inconvenience to loved ones if you have to ask for their help when you wait until you “have to” downsize. But we’ll tell you this…watch out for some unexpected positive side effects, too! First and foremost we developed 5 pillars (Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, and Freedom) and goals within those pillars to keep us on track and focused.
An added benefit to our tiny camper is that it has really given us a taste of living small which is our end goal.
We’re far from the “destination” of our simplicity journey…but it feels great to be on the path.
So yeah…Episode 65 was a pretty popular episode so check it out if you haven’t already. We’re speaking at the National Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference, so we’ll be in Phoenix, AZ from 27-31 May.
SimpleRev is being held on Oct 3-4, 2014, in beautiful downtown Minneapolis on the University of St Thomas campus.
Some words from this podcast have been ringing in my ears since my run with ya’ll yesterday ?? Dan, you mentioned that shrinking your life gives the gift of freedom and control. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged baby eye color, what will baby look like by erica.
This chart is complete bollocks, blue + brown can absolutely get you green eyes, blue + blue can also get you brown eyes, so can green +green get you brown eyes and saying blue +blue means a 99% chance of blue eyes is bull crap, what knobend draw this chart up? Because brown is dominant, so if either parent had a brown gene to pass on, their eyes would be brown. Yes it’s bollocks, my mum has blue eyes, my dad brown -me and my 2 sisters have green eyes! My mom has green eyes n my dad has brown = i got brown eyes ( a bit lighter than my dads though).My brother also has brown eyes, and my stepmother has green eyes like my mom. This is so stupid your seriously saying that blue and brown eyes can’t have a child with green eyes!!! I have blue eyes and my daughters father has brown eyes, thus my daughter whom of which is about to be turning 4 years old has green eyes. So we are half way through the summer and I wanted to share with you how it has been going.
We have spent time at home, at museums, bowling, library, the pool, taken 2 family trips, entertained guests and gone to camps.
For years, I have cast the net too wide and been serving clients who were not ideal and making me miserable in my business.
Leslie, thanks for taking the time to help loosen the grips of the time monster from around my throat.
Your Biz RULES provides business coaching services for the areas of marketing, sales, team building, time management, pricing and profit to help you grow your small business fast. Every order is printed just for you here in the USA using eco-friendly inks on the highest quality garments such as American Apparel, District Clothing, and Alternative Apparel.
Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only.
By intellectually I mean that buying became a lazy, default “easy button” that overrode the acts of contemplation (considering whether or not we really needed something), innovation (what else could I use, how can I get access to that?), patience (do I need it now?), and appreciation (caring for what you have now so it can serve you long term). This opened up a LOT of floorspace that was formerly taken up by yard tools, etc that encroached on the main area of the garage.
Not that we have so much “stuff”, but when you’re fine tuning,  getting to exactly where you really want to be it takes time. You’re doing it on your terms as opposed to waiting until you have to downsize…which, like I just stated, could cause undue stress and resentment.

Although, by design it limits us to what and how much we take, it gives us way more freedom in regards to our time, money and places we can travel to and visit.
We mentioned that we actually camped for 3 weeks in a 50 square foot loaner teardrop camper last summer and it was fabulous! We knew eventually we wanted a 4 wheel drive that would be beneficial on our travels and in different climates. From ideation to initiation, you can see how systematically looking at things in your life, can really help you move forward…no matter what your goals or dreams are.
We’ll be doing some recon this summer on our trips out east and west…and probably for the next couple of years as we explore and hone down the places we’d like to live. If you’re in the Phoenix area and are interested in a meetup, email Vanessa and maybe we can set something up in Eventbrite. Only 50 tickets will be offered at the Early Bird pricing so make sure you lock yours in today. Don’t forget if you have questions or just want to learn more about Project 333 or Courtney Carver’s Dress With Less microcourse. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we use personally or come highly recommended by experts we trust. It really is a shrinking, I’m realizing—no way around it and sometimes that is so hard! I love how knowing just a little bit about mom and dad can, with startling accuracy, predict what baby will look like even before baby is born. If you know grandparents’ eye colors, too, you can tell with even more accuracy what color eyes your kids will have.
My boyfriend?s parents have blue and green eyes and all of their 3 children have brown eyes!
My dad has dark brown eyes and my mom blue – all 3 of their children, myself included have bright green eyes. A It is part of me putting my money where my mouth is – to start living my ideal life today, not someday. A Like planning separate camps for both children, so I could have a little time for myself.
I've even been known to say "maybe I should just quit and go waitress!" In my one-on-one coaching with Leslie, she easily helped me narrow down who my ideal client is and why. Ia€™ve been an interior designer for 20 years, but running the business side of my business was weighing me down a€“ I did not have any structure to my running my business, I had no processes in place and I was doing everything reactively instead of proactively. Her concepts and her ideas are gold, I would highly recommend her to work with anyone on any type of project and will continue to use her myself!
As I complete my old life as a consultant to large corporations and transition into the launch of my new business, I felt overwhelmed with all there is to be done. With the leaps in technology though, we have managed to take most of the uncertainty out of height predictors and have integrated computer programs and principles of endocrinology into the determination.
So, If you’ve been listening in or reading our blog posts for a while and are familiar with many of our back episodes and posts, now you’ll see exactly why we picked some of the subjects that we did. We learned how to plan simple meals, how to pack even lighter for the trip and how to create simple routines just as we would in our normal home…they were just a little different and on a smaller scale.
So we ended up getting one (a little sooner than we planned but hey…preparation and opportunity helped us out here. On Episode 3 Joel and I talk with our friend Joshua Becker about…you guessed it…simplicity!
We thought we didn’t have much to get rid of, but we ended up selling over $200 worth of stuff in about 2 hours!!!
Vanessa, I sympathize with you and at this point don’t want the stress of artificially living with 33 or even 100 items. But i just found out that my grandpa (mothers side) had blue eyes and i have a niece that both of her parents have dark brown eyes but she really got green eyes. A  I’m a planner, I like the plan and sometimes I have a VERY hard time when the plan changes again, and again and again. A Which by the way means some other things are late, but I still work on getting them complete. Now that I am really clear on the work I want to do and with who, I speak confidently with prospective clients and can identify right away who is not a good match and who I should say No to. I met Leslie at a business conference and when I heard about her expertise, I knew she was the missing link to taking my business to the next level.

You will not be disappointed with your results, because eventually, Your Biz will Rule too! Here we will examine how the height predictor works as well as their accuracy in predicting your child’s height.
The fantastic magic ball game for club and night bar using has a rotating lamp magic ball 8 on it. If you’re new to Simple Life Together (and we have more and more joining us each week…yay!) then this will be a great “jumping on” point for where we are and how we got here! We reached a few financial goals as well as our goals to travel more and spend more time as a family. Originally we thought the answer to our traveling dreams was to get a big Class A motorhome. Chris kept telling us how lucky we were to have such good weather as it’s usually a coin toss.
A And because of the planning financially in my business, I have enough to profitably run my business past summer. Leslie has a wonderful way of taking complex tasks and breaking them down into manageable and effective steps. But after further contemplation we realized it would be more restrictive (in regards to cost, time to maintain it, and places we could actually visit).
Matter of fact, the only thing Vanessa missed was having her own bathroom…but that’s it. The Jeep is small, but because of it’s restrictions in storage space, we are much more deliberate about what we bring on trips. Our path certainly won’t be yours, but we can share some tools, some experiences, and some support to one another along the way to forge our own path.
Still, if I got to eat breakfast at Mother’s Bistro on a regular basis, I could die happy! It is rather simple to integrate the information into the software, just fill in the above blanks. The RV would have required us to find a place to store it, pay lots more in fuel costs, and even restricted the kinds of campsites and parks we could go to. We didn’t miss having our laundry room (we just made weekly trips to the laundromat which was awesome because we could do a bunch of loads at once!). And it all starts with some ideation, determination, and some deliberate actions to not only make dreams a reality, but make your journey a whole lot of fun, too. Most importantly, she taught me how to put crucial processes in place so that I could run and grow my business without being overwhelmed. We didn’t even miss our big kitchen, or our backyard or home office shedquarters because the views out camping were way better than our backyard. As Mr Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Start creating the future you want, today.
Thankfully, I no longer work 7 days a week, I can focus on what I love about being a designer, and I have achieved (and in some cases, exceeded) all my professional and business goals that I set for this past year. How The Software Works:According to the biological factors that determine height, there are several innate predictors that can be seen as soon as the child is born. Not having a home office actually helped us curb our digital addiction! So basically, the camper solidified the idea that we can live small and still be happy. Working with Leslie was by far one of the best decisions I have made for making Kim Kendall Interiors a success. One of the most important factors in determining the baby’s height is its overall size at birth. Whether the child has been born prematurely or has had a full term pregnancy can change some of the innate factors in the child’s future growth. I would highly recommend her for any business owner trying to get a handle on running their business smoothly and efficiently! After all, the growth rate varies based upon the hormones that are present at certain times in the child’s life.

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