Thirty-three people were killed in the southeastern border town of Suruc in July when a suicide bomber linked to ISIS detonated himself. Seven people, including three Russians, have been detained so far in connection with Tuesday's attack. Seven people, including three Russians, have been detained so far in connection with Tuesday’s attack. Of course, as an adult I understand that the connection we develop with stories goes back to the very dawn of time when our ancestors would pass down our history from generation to generation around the fire. As Small Business owners, we are constantly looking for ways to share our message and our stories with our clients. To underscore the seriousness of this podcasting caper, understand that last year the President of the United States of America travelled to comedian Matt Maron’s garage to appear on his podcast, WTF. If you are a business owner who can see the value of stronger connections with customers, then please consider how easily your own podcast will let you share your stories with your audience. Recommended PostsHere’s to No More Crap Content – What Small Businesses Can Learn From Fiction WritingWe’re All Sales People, Whether You Like It or Not. Great article and very timely advice for people who are struggling to get noticed OR stay ahead of the competition.
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In October, an ISIS-linked suicide bomber killed more than 100 people at a peace rally in Ankara.

I didn’t mind if the tale was an old Hans Christian Andersen fable or one of my Dad’s yarns about odds and ends I’d picked up around the house. For years, we’ve done this by attending networking events and talking 1:1 with people and maybe writing the odd blog or article for our website.
Just as our ancestors gathered around the fire, modern day podcasting allows you to metaphorically gather your audience in a targeted and personalised way.
It will increase the profile of your business and build your authority and credibility within your industry.
Last year alone, over 21 million hours of podcasts were consumed each and every day in the USA.
Think about that for a moment… the American President visited a comedian’s garage… for a podcast.
Years spent volunteering at community radio stations, uncovered a natural talent behind the microphone. Aldrich Employability & Alumni Careers Alumni PAIS Intranet PAIS Undergraduate Portal PAIS MA Portal PAIS PhD Portal Staff Resources People in PAIS Richard J. I’ve been listening to them for around eight years and I’ve created and hosted two of my own.
There was always something about listening to a story that made me feel part of a bigger world.
While these are still valuable methods of sharing our business stories, there is nothing quite like speaking directly into the ears of the people we want to influence.

I can’t think of another medium that allows you and your business to build such a personal relationship with your clients.
I just couldn’t shake the image of dozens of men in black talking into their sleeves, looking up and down the streets of this suburb, wondering what was going on behind each of the closed doors. It will raise your profile, it will build your credibility and it will grow your audience and community. It took some 20 years of corporate middle management working with some of Australia’s leading retail organisations before she found her true calling as a podcast creator, producer and editor. They get to know your values and beliefs, and understand how your experience and expertise can be of value. Australia numbers are also on the rise with an estimated 2.9 million people listening to a podcast in the last 12 months. Tracy launched her small business podcast “Not Another Business Show” in 2015 which is listened to in over 60 countries by thousands of people each week. With the increase of internet connected cars, I’ve seen estimates suggesting the Australian numbers will soon approach 1 in 2 people listening to podcasts on a regular basis. She founded Corporate Podcast Productions, helping business owners embrace marketing for the new age.

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