Printable games are a great way to keep kids occupied and let them enjoy themselves, especially while traveling or when their movement is restricted from playing outdoors. In this printed game, two rows, one of objects (pictures), and another of numbers are printed opposite to each other.
This is an interesting game that requires a little help from an adult, especially if downloaded from the Internet. How to Play: Distribute printed baby shower memory game stationery among your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil. If you are having a boy baby shower party then you can use this free printable baby shower memory game stationery in blue color. If you do not know or do not want to disclose gender of the baby then use this stationery for memory game made in green color.
For a girl baby shower memory game you will surely appreciate this stationery design in pink color. Great for educators of preschool children through 2nd grade, parents and grandparents alike! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Download and print the zoo animal patterns below.  The animal patterns can be used to make two seperate activities for your preschoolers.
The second use for the patterns would be to print and cut out each animal square and attach them to blocks in the block corner.  Cover the pictures with clear contact paper for durablity. This printed game has nine cells in it, and in order to win, one has to have three similar looking patterns (usually a 0 or X), either placed in a straight line (horizontally or vertically), or diagonally.

For example, one image could be of five monkeys, which should be matched to the randomly printed number 5. The dots are usually numbered in a serial order, and connecting them brings out an image of different shapes and sizes.
One would find an image of an object or animal printed on the paper, with lines earmarked for cutting them. These can be used when one is traveling, on a rainy day, or on a family-spending-time-together day.
This game can not be played using only the printable graphics but you will also need baby related items such as diaper pins, cotton balls, cotton swabs, baby wipes, pacifier, bottle, bib, rattle,, baby bootie, baby cap, spoon, board book, a tray and a cloth. Then place different baby related items in a tray and show it to your party guests for 15-30 seconds depending on the number of items.
To grab the image just click on the smaller image on the left, the bigger image will open, right click and save that image to your computer.
It is beautifully decorated with smilies and stars so it will go very well with baby shower of any theme. In this picture memory game, kids need to focus their concentration and use their memory to match the right cards together. Use them with your child as a subtle educational exercise, an on-the-go activity for road trips, or a way to study for an upcoming test. As kids have a very short attention span, they get bored with the games they play with very quickly. They would be required to complete the picture by drawing the few missing parts, and can use the complete picture as a reference.

Once the paper is cut as per the instructions given, it is piled up and handed over to the child to arrange it, in order to bring out the image.
For example, one image could be of raindrops, which should be matched to the randomly printed image or word of an umbrella. This is a very interesting game as it will challenge the baby shower party guests and test their memories. By using free printable games that I am providing on my website you can add fun and charm to your baby shower party in a very cost effective way. Games like this are a great way to boost your child's cognitive skills, and you'll be getting her hungry for healthy food at the same time!
Buying new games regularly can be an expensive affair, and becomes a source of squabbles if you have more than one kid.
To help you with the arrangements for this game I have prepared free printable baby shower memory game stationery which you can print and give to your guests so they can write down as many items as they remember. Printable games are an excellent inexpensive option that are not only educative, but will help in improving memory, concentration, and overall child development.

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