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There are so many extra tasks you need to do to prepare to move that it's often difficult to keep track. You will want to effect the transition of your child with as little disruption as possible.
To make sure you stay organized and on track, we've created moving checklists of things to do to help you move. To determine what supplies you need for your move, check out the article on Packing Supplies, then fill out the quantity of each item before you start to shop.

And to help you keep up-to-date and in contact with everybody, use this change of address checklist to ensure the people you need to stay-in-touch with are notified of your upcoming move. Print several copies of this question list and use it each time you call a moving company to inquire about your move. In addition to everything else a regular move entails, there are many other things that are not day-today concerns. Use them online or print them out - either way you'll have a complete list of moving tasks. Use this list to collect all general household supplies you'll need for the first couple of days in your new home.
Your child will no doubt be more focused on setting up his or her room, and exploring the new home and neighborhood!

Think about everything you use on a daily basis and pack accordingly.Also check out a related article on how to prepare an essentials box. If you're moving overseas, use this checklist as a guide to help you through a complicated move.

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