Q1 Started in a rather cautious fashion with many clients in the asset and wealth management space. Similarly, Q1 of 2016 has also seen a slow start for the majority of Investment Banking clients.
The start of Q1 was a quiet time for hiring from a risk perspective and though that is often the case, it seemed that this period extended into latter stages of the quarter.
Due to the financial pressures in the industry, clients have been looking to keep projects promoting generating financial benefits. From an operations perspective, the first quarter of 2016 has seen a demand for more candidates from an OTC background particularly within Equities, Interest Rates and Credit.
Due to the previously mentioned pressures on Investment Banks there has not been large amount of expansion in risk and compliance change teams, meaning that the majority of roles were due to attrition. The regulatory pressures of MiFID 2, PRIPs and Solvency will continue to be hiring focuses with Asset and Wealth Management firms. There are also indications that the Investment Banking market in 2016 should become more buoyant therefore recruitment is more likely to pick up from mid-Q2 and Q3.  The majority of clients seem to be positive about their future budgets and some of the hiring freezes have been already lifted. The current situation of uncertainty in banking clients is likely to mean that hiring may remain steady over the next quarter of the year. Knowing that this industry is constantly evolving, wea€™re happy to share with you our methodologies and best practices for maximizing your return. The car rental business is an incredibly competitive one, especially when it comes to the search engines, where the majority of travelers begin their search for cars. The Search Monitor was curious how the major car rental companies were changing their market visibility on the search engines in the past three months.
We wondered: Would the major car rental players be increasing their PPC market visibility slowly, would it be sudden, perhaps timed with a certain important date, or would their search visibility remain fairly constant? We looked at ads running from December 1, 2013 through March 15, 2014 that were triggered from any keyword in our platforma€™s Car Rental Services vertical. The data is clearly suggestive and does not provide definitive explanations on the PPC strategy of the three companies.

One thing is for certain: If I worked for Avis (or its search agency) I would want to make sure that the trend above was in line with my planned Q1 2014 search strategy, and not an unfortunate result of the actions of my competitors. The Carbon Labelling project implemented several labelling initiatives in Europe focussing on transportation products and services with low CO2 emissions. This has been caused by many external factors such as the slow down with China causing Emerging market funds to be shedded. There has been a level of uncertainty and hiring freezes that have led to longer recruitment processes for permanent positions in particular.
Due to the nature of risk change, the majority of roles in this area are focused within large Investment Banks. This has led to a number of clients bringing in Financial PMO’s that focus on the business benefits of the projects whilst instilling a rigid governance and framework to the delivery process. In addition to these areas, employers have demanded candidates who also have an understanding of regulations such as EMIR, DODD Frank and MiFID. The announcement of the Basel committee stating the FRTB deadline in 2019 has allowed banks to plan for this more effectively increasing requirements for candidates with exposure of FRTB projects. With bonuses not quite hitting the mark with a lot of firms some candidates might look to move elsewhere, therefore this quarter we will see more movement across the industry, however with the Brexit referendum coming up in June some clients may demonstrate a continued level of cautiousness, therefore only the projects that are absolutely imperative will get the budget for hiring. On the candidates’ side, the recent bonus payments have resulted in a number of candidates now looking for new opportunities.
However, increasing regulatory pressures and low bonus payments may lead to attrition in risk and compliance projects. This time period was particularly interesting because it covered the build-up to spring break and the important planning season for bigger summer trips.
For this test, we just focused on Google in the US, although it would be interesting to look at car rental trends in Europe in a future test. But, we decided to pull out just three companies that had very interesting stories when compared together.
It was the most stable of the three companies profiled and showed the pattern that we most expected to see a€“ a slow and fairly steady increase.

It does, however, underscore the need to keep a close eye on your search marketing visibility as well as that of your competitors and industry leaders. On this note, a lot of clients have been looking to hire candidates on a contract basis to get the necessary headcounts approved sooner rather than later.
With the continuing struggles that have become apparent in this sector and widespread hiring freezes, there has not been much recruitment activity.
As is normally expected, Q1’s demand is based on replacement of candidates leaving their roles for various reasons including their bonus’s. Investment Banking clients have been recruiting for various process improvement and re-engineering projects hence, there has been a need for candidates that are qualified in LEAN Six Sigma and Operating Model Design.
We are optimistic we will continue to see movement in the Regulatory space with line managers across Banks making this a primary focus. This market is generally dominated by contractors and with the pre mentioned factors; this is expected to remain the case. The Search Monitora€™s market visibility score is a relative measure, so it could be that the rise of Hertz helped push Avisa€™ market visibility down to the single digits.
We recommend a weekly review of market visibility measures in order to identify competitive opportunities to increase sales. This first European carbon labelling initiative supported the European strategies to reduce greenhouse gases, to fulfill the biofuel targets, to reduce petroleum dependence and to mitigate climate change. Many Asset Managers are also under pressure with margins being pushed down and clients focusing on passive fund management. Therefore the hiring has been across the change space including OMS delivery, regulatory change, data management and TOM work. Or, Avis may have made a strategic decision to temporarily (we hope) lower their PPC visibility.

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