By this point, we have all heard about the countless benefits of meditation—peace of mind, increased focus, clarity, and relaxation, and even decreased blood pressure, just to name a few.
But many people still feel strange sitting down to close the eyes, drop the shoulders, and breathe for a bit. It’s easy to use our busy schedules as an excuse to avoid things—trust me, I do it all the time *wink*. I suggest beginning your meditation practice as soon as you wake up, turn off the alarm, and are still in bed. Side note: meditation is relaxing, so don’t fall asleep again and miss work…you’ll be less inclined to ever try this again, and the point is to practice often. Meditating in the morning, even before you get out of bed, is a wonderful way to set intention for the rest of the day to come. In the evening, before bed, try it again and swap the intentions with something more appropriate for bedtime, such as “I am open to all love” on the inhale and “I am ready for deep rest” on the exhale. So here’s the sneak attack—you actually just did three minutes of meditation: morning, noon, and night.
Here’s the very cool thing about meditation: just like with your physical asana practice, there is no right or wrong, no way of screwing it up. My first meditation of every day is always done lying in Savasana either in my bed, or on my yoga mat. After you find the most comfortable position for your body (relaxed jaw, soft, dropped shoulders, long neck and spine, no discomfort), remember to begin the practice with the breath.
Try inhaling completely for 5 counts, holding for 2, exhaling completely for 5 counts, and staying empty for 2.
It could be anything from more patience with your kids or your boss, to more restful sleep at night. Seek your practice with the passion it deserves and maintain that passion with diligence and excitement. Taylor is a yoga teacher bent on moving people both on and off the mat with skillful action, an open heart, and gratitude. Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world. Ujjain :  The state of your mind can help determine the quality of enjoyment of your lifestyle.

We live in a world where lifestyle matters – the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the way we like to spend our leisure time. It is a type of spontaneous yoga in which devotee does not thrive to achieve stage of meditation but let the stage of unfold itself to him, without help of human guru. She would see lord Krishna in her dreams several times a week and Maa devi every few weeks. At Girnar Sadhna Ashram Bhavnath taleti Junagarh Gujrat , Sahaj Yogini Sh.Sailja Devi immersed herself in the ashram activities while continuing her daily sadhna . This allows her to control all the five senses, increase the power of concentration and control the flow of thoughts in her mind.
Much like an easily distracted puppy, as soon as you complicate things, I happily run after the shiniest ball and forget whatever you were saying. But you really can start meditating and receive many of the benefits with just one minute a day. Because it can seem a little overwhelming to try to think about “nothing,” a very simple approach is to have a positive focus. With every deep, smooth inhale, say in your mind, “I am grateful for the goodness around me” and with every long, slow exhale, “I am ready for my day.” You can change this up as often as you need to, but these are two good ones to start. This would drive lots of traditional teachers crazy, but it works for me and my body and my mind. Add time in 30 or 60-second increments until you reach five minutes or more of mindful breathing and meditation. Definitely take the time to notice the benefits making their way into your life, in even the slightest degree.
An avid rock climber, yogi, rookie sky diver, hungry learner, and paramedic- he applies the experiences of all facets of life to his teachings and to instructing mindful, accessible asana and philosophy.
But, to be able to enjoy all these comforts, we need a mind which is open, happy and at rest.
Only latter did she learned that she was being watched carefully and the children she went out to play with were avatars and Rishi and sages.
She is able to achieve the fullness of life where there is eternal bliss in the company of lord Dattatreya. But if this hurts and shifts your focus to the discomfort you’re experiencing rather than the breath or the intention, then try sitting on a blanket or in a chair.

You can even visualize the air flooding into the lungs, swirling around, oxygenating the body, and then leaving the lungs the same way. You’ll begin to grow more comfortable with adding in your own affirmations and whittling down the verbiage to fewer, more meaningful and pertinent words. Once you have the basics down, try reading about the styles that interest you, attending a class, or reaching out to a teacher. We eat well, sleep well, smile more, make the best of every moment, get quality time on our hands and always look good even in just simple plain outfits. Due to increased flow of information, meeting deadlines and restlessness of our mind our life has become measurable .
You just need to attach holy mantra of “Hari Om Tatsat Jai Guru Datta “through your way of sadhna without changing your own religion, mantra and guru. Record duration, your intentions or affirmations, the imagery you experienced, and the way your practice is making you feel. Sidhha yogini mataji shailja devi along with Maharishi shri punitacharyaji maharaj with the grace and inspiration of eternal guru dattatreya has evolved a very simple and easy method of meditation known as “Sahaj Siddha Yoga”.
With total surrender and unconditional love towards Sadguru, she has been getting his guidance in all aspects of the Siddha yoga practice.
Throughout the mela period she will explain the benefits of Sahaj Siddh Yoga every day in her lectures and demonstrations. Sahaj Yogini Sh.Sailja Devi travels to the Astral world gave her the practical experiences of life, as well as the life after death and other such deep spiritual topics, leaving the theoretical knowledge aside, she delve in direct questions to Sadguru and deities such as Lord Hanumana and Devi maa and seek direct and practical answers from them. She has mastered the art of channelizing and controlling the flow of energy generated from the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. At the young age of 4 years, she was brilliant in studies and participated actively in sports.
She exhibited qualities of being different early in age and her parents wondered what the future had in store for her. She was an active child and yet she enjoyed being by herself as if trying to discover herself.

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