Fresh country style comes in many versions, influenced by climate, history, and other fascinating factors. For a handsome lodge look, elegant natural materials -- heirloom wood furniture, slate, and stone flooring -- create a fuss-free foundation for an outdoorsy, elegant lifestyle. Southwest style, with its cool-white adobe walls, seems surprisingly modern with its gently curved architecture.
Study the key elements for the particular look you want to achieve: With rustic style, it doesn't take a lot to make it happen.
Whether you live in an apartment or house, in the city or the suburbs, you can easily bring rustic ambiance to your home. Entering the Quiet retreat, retreat center, ohio, retreats for women, meditation, yoga and leadership retreats. There will be several guided activities throughout the weekend, including music for movement and meditation. All activities are completely optional, allowing you to honor your own inner wisdom in each moment. There will be ample open time to walk the land and the labyrinth, to do movement or art in the spacious studio, to revel in the beauty of the Spirit House.
Mary Manera, MA, is an Ordained Shamanic Priestess, and is experienced in non-profit leadership, hospice work, spiritual care, retreat facilitation, and work with our elders. Mindy Mossmana€™s experience ranges from working in corporate America to managing a center for holistic health. Hope Springs' Mission is to provide sacred space for feminist education, responsible green living and transformational work in the service of healthy relationship with planet Earth, global peace, social justice and equality and personal development.
Suffolk is fortunate in having an excellent selection of quiet days and retreats available.
All Hallows Covent, Ditchingham is the venue for a lent reflection day in preparation for Holy week on Saturday 16th April, led by Sister Violet and the All Hallows community. Over 70s network to see Ipswich transformationIpswich Anna and Simeon network are meeting and praying to see God's kingdom come here in Ipswich. An opportunity to reflect and prayA ladies’ Bible study group at Christ Church, Ipswich are hosting a ‘prayer mosaic’ this Lent where you will be able to reflect on God’s word and engage with your faith in a tangible way that is not always possible in everyday life.
Prayer for this season of hospitality and hopeVal Dufour from the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter thanks everyone for their faithful prayers. The FusionThe Fusion is a new ministry focused on raising the awareness of the importance of prayer in young people’s lives in Ipswich.
New series of daily prayer emailsLICC is launching a new series of daily prayer emails on the theme of ‘Trusting in God’. A prayer for EgyptIn the light of the current very unstable situation in Egypt, the Religious Liberty Commission has issued a call to prayer.
Week of Prayer - the follow upFollowing on from the Week of Prayer involving churches across Ipswich last month, Phil Stollery of Ipswich in Prayer has news of further initiatives and events aimed at keeping the ball rolling. From time to time we all need a place to be quiet and to reflect on the deeper things of life.
St Ethelwold’s House offers a supportive place of quiet which you can use for a day or more, an hour or two, or even just for a few short minutes in the middle of a busy day. We have a beautiful meditation room, two small retreat rooms on the banks of the River Thames which can be used for private quiet time, and a comfortable Quiet Room in the house, with books and periodicals and facilities for making tea. The garden, overlooking the River Thames, is a place to relax and enjoy the spaciousness of nature, whatever the time of year.  There are plenty of benches and seats and the little River Room is always open and can be a warm sanctuary when it is raining. The River Room can be booked for a day and costs ?10 and there is a small additional charge for heating in the winter.
The Sanctuary is a non-denominational meditation room which can be used for individual meditation or by meditation groups.  It is also used for yoga, Tai Chi and other meditation practices.
There are meditation groups in the Christian tradition and in other non-religious traditions.  If you would like further information please contact the House Manager. St Ethelwold’s House has all the facilities needed for groups who want retreats, quiet days or organisational development days.
During the month of October you see the rains retreating and everyone begins heading to the beaches again.
Now since you're not really the history buff I would say missing sights such as the old churches and cathedrals is okay. Located fairly close to the Baga Calangute junction this restaurant has a very distinct colonial style.
From photography to art and then some, my interests encompass all things adventurous and new.
Lutheridge Conference Center and Camp in South Asheville, North Carolina, and Camp Lutherock near Boone, North Carolina, comprise two sites in western North Carolina providing summer camp for children and youth, family programs, adult programs, and opportunities to plan your own retreat or conference for your group.
Lineberger Hall is the dining room serving up to 250 people in the conference and retreat season.
Thornburg Hall: 2 meeting rooms accomodating 40 in theater seating and 25 in classroom seating.
Bend of Ivy Lodge is a place for renewal, created to support those coming together to learn, create, grow, renew the spirit and produce new possibilities.

Our venue is chosen over and over again for the look and feel that the lodge and land captures. The Lodge: Holds up to 20 people in circle seating, or 40 people in theater style seating using backjack chairs and cushions are also available. The farmhouse: Additional accommodations, the Studio and Roadhouse, have private entries at farmhouse, 300 feet from the Lodge. Boathouse: A relaxing space overlooking the pond, this area can seat 12 or more for a small groups. The Art of Living Retreat Center is open to host your event if you are an individual or group looking for a peaceful, uplifting and comfortable retreat facility. Set in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, the Center offers an experience of meditation and natural beauty coupled with comfortable lodging and facilities.
The Center has a variety of 208 restful rooms overlooking the scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The main hall – Originally built as a hall for meditation, the main hall features stunning natural lighting and a spacious area of 18,500 square feet that can accommodate up to 3,000 participants. The Alice Sisson Ministry Center is an inviting place for groups who wish to meet, retreat, plan or serve the greater Wilmington area.
Sacred Grove Retreat is the premiere retreat center in the Piedmont of North Carolina for local, national, and international gatherings. Visitors connect with nature by hiking scenic trails, taking a meditative walk on the labyrinth or enjoying the beauty of the butterfly garden. Scheduling based on urgency, 5 and 7 day programs, your choice of totally private or in groups of three, all designed meet your life-style.
Queen beds in dormitory style rooms (double occupancy) with shared bathroom or Private room with Queen bed and private bath. Intensive Psychological therapies: Average of 15 to 20 hours of therapy per 5 days of retreat. A Christian conference center located 20 minutes West of Asheville, NC, about an hour from Knoxville, TN and two and half from Atlanta, GA. The Quiet Place is open year-round, located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, in the mountains of northwestern North Carolina.
The holy ground of Blowing Rock Conference Center exists so that God's people can gather for community development, education, and spiritual growth. The Blowing Rock Conference Center is a Christian Retreat and Conference Center and is open year around. The Blowing Rock Conference Center provides full conference services and facilities, with accommodations for up to 300 guests. Stonehaven Retreat Center offers a place where Christians can be away from the distractions and demands of daily life in the world.
Stonehaven Retreat offers a variety of options for individuals and groups to enjoy the scenic beauty of Western North Carolina in a Christian setting. Living Waters Center offers private and directed retreats and spiritual guidance by the Augustinian friars. Located in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, this retreat center is about 40 miles west of Asheville. When we step beyond the mind and belief and into the heart we experience the true nature of Divine Presence as Love. We honor the human need to believe and to reach out (or inward) to Divine Presence through various forms & practices.
The purpose of Mountain Light Sanctuary is to provide you with a place to rediscover and reconnect with your essential nature, with your original innocence, with Divine Presence, and with Love. The Sanctuary is available for personal retreats with guests normally being lodged at our one room Hermitage.
The Sanctuary is available for small group retreats and it is especially ideal for groups focusing on Earth oriented themes or simply those who like to be close to nature while learning.
Quiet days and retreats are the ideal refreshment to focus on what is important in our spiritual lives. Good Practice in Spiritual Direction is led by Julian Maddox at St Peter's, Stoke Park, Ipswich 10am – 4pm. As the beginning of this season of hospitality and hope edges nearer, Val offers some helpful suggestions of prayer topics.
Many have left everything behind and have no income, no healthcare and no certainty over what lies ahead. PrayerWorks project leader, Bev Shepherd, writes about the falling away of trust within our society, and the need to rediscover trust in God. A time of quiet reflection can be the route to discoveries about who we really are in the depths of our being, and it can be a time of inner healing and transformation. You'll get to see Goa waking up to the tourist season without really experiencing the tourist crowds. I make it a point to visit the place at least thrice a year if not more and every time i go there I feel like I'm discovering a whole new side of Goa. Shacks start opening up though there won't be too many, given that October is the month when licenses need to be renewed and all sorts of formalities need to be taken care off.

I recommend you stay at Wildernest, one of the most beautiful eco-tourism resorts in the world (in my opinion, but you don't have to take my word for it) Wildernest is an experience in a way that no resort in Goa can ever be.
Youth groups, family groups, public and private schools, college groups and more are customizing high-adventure and group-building retreats called LEAPS. The center covers 381 acres of forested mountains, with the main retreat facility set on the mountaintop.
The space is ideal for conferences, workshops, musical and cultural performances and other events. Kavanaugh is a clinical psychologist, offering clinical support in the issues that matter to you most, at the time you need it most. We cater best to small groups for retreat, but welcome groups of all sizes to see how we might best fit your retreat center desires.
The Gate House Cabin, The Master’s Cabin, and The Main House are situated at the edge of the stream, which cuts through the heart of The Quiet Place, providing a series of thirteen waterfalls, which can be followed along the hiking path, The Path of Peaceful Thoughts.
The BRCC is an ideal place for conferences, retreats, meetings, weddings, personal renewal and family get-aways or reunions. Our Leonard Dining Room, with its spectacular view of Grandfather Mountain and beautiful stone fireplace, is located in Corriher Lodge. It provides a healthy, restful atmosphere where natural food, pure air and spring water are the rule. Our facilities host daytime visits, work visits, overnight guests, conferences or church groups.
In addition to spiritual reflection, opportunities exist for ski or golf retreats, youth group retreats and spring break experiences for college students. But we know that when the Essence is reached, regardless of the method or path, it will be known as Love. We can manage a group of up to 12 for a long weekend with accommodations ranging from indoor guest rooms to outdoor shelters.
If you don't have real adobe walls, use textured white plaster and add more accessories, such as colorfully striped Mexican serapes and punched-tin accents. Enjoy the nurturing environment of Hope Springsa€¦for contemplation, for rest, and for quiet.
Quiet days and retreats in the Suffolk countryside are the ideal refreshment for our spiritual lives. There are tea and coffee facilities.  At other times the room can be hired for use by groups. Nestled in the forest at the junction of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka this is nature at its pristine best.
With this in mind you'll be able to find cheap and awesomely delicious Goan food in practically every nook and cranny. Sacred Grove Retreat welcomes all people and offers a variety of facilities and packages to make your wedding or retreat memorable.
An extensive metaphysical library offers books for deeper knowledge on a variety of subjects. This modern adaptation of the ancient shelter used for centuries by Central Asian nomads offers unity and cohesiveness to participants, as well as creative inspiration.
We can also direct you to local entities that could also make your retreat more enjoyable.We also host a summer camp for children and youth in the months of June and July. There is an extensive calendar of planned retreats and programs, averaging about 3 per month. There is a spacious porch overlooking our cascading mountain stream that offers you a quiet place to read, write, paint or meditate. The Sisson House is available for day use and overnight stays and can accommodate up to 22 people.
All food service is in house and overlooking a 200 acre lake which is an absolutely exquisite setting.
LWC has a swimming pool, hiking opportunities and craft lessons from Cherokee artisans to complement your prayer journey. Or it can be your base camp for exploring endless miles of national forest trails into the mountains.
The valley view cottages provide a breathtaking view of three mighty waterfalls and there is a constant roar of water. It has a soul which goes deep into unique history, rich culture and some of the prettiest natural scenery that India has to offer. The clouds come and go obscuring the view and then suddenly parting to give a spectacular view. Feel like you need to hear yourself think, and never get the chance to get it straightened out? It has managed to retain an edgy counter-cultural atmosphere, playing some laid back 70's grooves and the likes.

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