Google +At the beginning of your natural hair care journey, spend some time getting to know your hair, sans product. One way to do this is by using the infamous hair typing system.  In a nutshell, hair is categorized as a specific type as shown below. I used to think that my hair was naturally coarse (when in reality it’s fine), and so would detangle very roughly (and often with a small-toothed comb, causing breakage galore), because I thought my mane could handle it. You can start experimenting with products once you’ve got the basics down, but for now, learn more about (and enjoy!) your hair in its natural, product-free state.

Now that you’ve adopted one of Santa’s scout elves, here comes one of the most fun parts – picking a name! Understanding key features of your hair, like its porosity and thickness, is a good start to creating a regimen that works for you. Here are the top twenty scout elf names as well as a few fun facts about what other families are calling their special North Pole helpers! Check out this CurlyNikki article for more information on strand thickness and what it could mean for your regimen.

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