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No one will ever view Andrew Wyeth's apparently tranquil works the same way again after reading this vivid and astonishing portrait of the turbulent, driven man who paints them. The author of the biography described the work as being full of hate and anger and violence.
I much prefer my interpretation.This biography was written thirteen years before the death of Andrew Wyeth.
I would not want to put up with Andrew Wyeth, no matter how great his art work might be.Gloria Oct 22, 2012What is art?I don't claim to be any sort of expert.
His equally somewhat tumultuous marriage (which still endured).To learn the stories behind the drawings, the paintings. These hidden, secret paintings and drawings Wyeth had been hiding from everyone (including his wife) for 15 years.It intrigued me. What would it be like to sit for such an artist?This book fulfilled much of that curiosity. Helga, herself, succumbed to a deep depression after her artistic endeavors with Wyeth were over.

The author followed Andrew Wyeth since the 1960’s and it shows.It’s a very personal view of the painter and his upbringing – his family, his wife Betsy , their children and the models he used. It is quite stunning to learn of the various influences that affected the paintings of Andrew Wyeth.
For example, Andrew Wyeth, as well as his other siblings, was home schooled.Andrew did come to choose his own painting style which could be called realism. He initially used water colours, but (against the advice of his father) then used a more challenging technique of tempera that utilizes egg yolks as part of the painting process. Andrew Wyeth would spend from weeks to months on one painting.His paintings have a feeling of ying-yang in their realism with a strong contemplativeness – portraying both life and death. His subject matter was found close by his home in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and the Wyeth summer home in Maine. The paintings of Andrew Wyeth are striking for their simplistic details that speak through time. They are stripped of encumbrances and ostentation.The furor or gossip that came with the revelations of the long hidden Helga paintings is discussed – part of the reason for the subtitle “a Secret Life”.
I feel it is part of the American puritanical streak that there was such a pronounced reaction to the Helga nudes.

It is even more perplexing because Wyeth had done nudes before – or maybe it was just the quantity and nature of the nudes. Also, by that time Andrew Wyeth had become an iconic figure in the American art world – and some may have felt that he should not be doing that “type” of art. Also Wyeth was caricatured by some, as a type of Norman Rockwell – he most definitely was not. The book was published in 1996 and Andrew Wyeth had a long life and died in 2009 at the age of 92.
It’s a very upfront personal view of a great American painter.Page 409 (my book) Marc Wilson“Wyeth is so accessible to people of other cultures because he does deal with human issues – the passage of time, decay, fleeting existence.

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