Dwight’s advice giving Origami Yoda got him into some trouble in The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and Darth Paper Strikes Back. When Sara shows up at school with a paper fortune teller that looks like the wookiee Chewbaca, she starts handing out advice Origami Yoda style.
Tommy starts another case file to solve TWO mysteries this time…is the fortune wookiee real…and what in the world is wrong with Dwight?

This is a wiki all about the Origami Yoda Series written by Tom Angleberger that any Superfolder can contribute to! If Dwight made the¬†Fortune Wookiee does that mean¬†Chewie gives good advice too even though Dwight isn’t there? If you have the time, make this website easier to use by cleaning up the pages and adding good material.

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