With allies on both sides of the castle walls, can anyone stop her before Merlin’s greatest secret is revealed? At the end of 1909 he had been struggling desperately to finish Under Western Eyes, harassed by sickness and debts.
The stimulus to writing it was a happy one in two ways: Conrad received a letter, and later a visit, from Captain Carlos M.

Marris renewed his memories of old times; and he also told Conrad that many seamen out there a€?read my booksa€™, and a€?feel kindly to the chronicler of their lives and adventuresa€™.
Conrad was happy to hear it, and at once decided that they a€?should have some more of the stories they likea€™.And so, after the years working on Western subjects a€“ the South America of Nostromo (1904), the London of The Secret Agent (1907) and the Russia of Under Western Eyes (1911) a€“ Conrad went to the fictional subjects of his earlier life, and his earlier writing career.

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