The class will be a mix of learning the foundations of some yoga asanas (the sun salutation sequence, downward dog, chatarunga) and a flow sequence to build heat, flexibility, strength and opening.
Yoga is the practice of strengthening the body and calming the mind, through breath-based movement.
Take a look at this site and consider the study of relaxation and how it can benefit you in your daily life. Since 1982, Tom Daly has been training under Maggie Newman, a senior student of Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing, and has been Ms. Lil' Yogis NYC offers yoga in the classroom for grades pre-K -12 in schools throughout New York City. Medical research has shown that tai chi practice is effective for reducing stress and enhancing immune function. One NIH Study noted better resistance to shingles or milder cases for those that came down with shingles.  Another journal study noted better balance for recovering stroke patients. There have been numerous studies that indicate even after a relatively short period of training that participants improve balance, blood lipid levels, have fewer falls and reduced their anxiety levels.
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Krishna’s classes include breath instruction (pranayama), centering of the mind, flow sequences, standing and seated postures, inversions, and at the end of the session, Savasana, or relaxation. Edinburgh Yoga Classes are the perfect place for anyone - beginner, improver, or long-time yogi - to learn the foundations of yoga postures, find flow in sequences, and build heat and flexibility, always ending in relaxation. Mats are provided, classes are suitable for all levels, and new beginners are welcomed with a warm smile. Tai chi is a whole body and mind exercise that combines meditation, martial art and health tonic in one. It is a gentle and safe exercise, and is therefore beneficial to young and old, fit or in need of “work.” Few exercises offer such a strong method to counter stress. This ensures that the injured or inexperienced yogi can experience the joy of the asana in the same way that the more experienced yogi does. A great class for improvers, beginners are welcome, and those looking to get their stretch, strength and sivasana on in their regular yoga practice. Those who understand its principles and engage those principles truly enjoy tai chi practice. It interests me that though the elderly are less likely to change, tai chi still manages to create measurable changes even with this study group.

Tom currently teaches private group classes at Chelsea Studios and has conducted workshops for Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Long Island University, SAGE and GMHC. Tai chi offers health benefits and an approach to living that enhances daily activities and living.
Individuals are instructed to challenge themselves, but not beyond their physical limit and most certainly not in the direction of causing pain or harm to the body.
This fascinating and intricate exercise has many benefits and just about anyone can practice it. He has continued studying with many Cheng Man-Ch’ing lineage students including Ben Lo, Lenzie Williams, Mr. In addition, with a proper attitude toward the principles of tai chi, it can offer a comprehensive alternative method for meeting many of life’s challenges.

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