Yes, it sounds a little strange and you might not want to do it in a room full of people, but shaking can help to get rid of your stress. Next gently shake your head and shoulders, then move onto your chest, legs and feet so that you are shaking all over. Then stop suddenly and let the upper half of your body drop so that your hands are touching the floor.
Finish the exercise by beginning to gently shake again, starting with your head and working right down your body.

Young blonde woman doing relaxation exercises while sitting on the floor in the living room.
Through the early part of the season, the Indiana Pacers look like one of the better young teams in the league. We may be quick to poke fun at Hibbert for using such an approach, but as Ball Don’t Lie pointed out it may actually be working. Perhaps relaxation exercises have allowed Hibbert to slow it down and play a more disciplined style of basketball.

The season is young, but those numbers are the highest of Hibbert’s four-year career.
If relaxation therapy has been one of the keys to a 7-3 start, maybe some other players around the league (like the Washington Wizards) should give it a shot.

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