Numerous studies have proven that correct, intentional breathing is a powerful tool for reducing stress and promoting health. Addicts in recovery face unprecedented levels of stress, which is a huge roadblock to successful substance abuse treatment. Stressful feelings can become overwhelming early in the recovery process, however, managing those feelings of stress ultimately leads to diminished feelings of addiction.
Relaxation Therapy for drug treatment or alcohol treatment is important because the stress must be processed, not ignored or covered up. At Reflections Recovery Center, we use Breathwork Therapy as our main relaxation technique in our addiction therapy program.
Since 2011 Reflections Recovery Center has provided safe, effective, life improvement services for lasting recovery from various forms of addiction.
Unlike other recovery facilities, Reflections Recovery Center is not a one-size-fits-all addiction rehab program.
For more information on our Relaxation Technique program or to learn more about achieving lasting sobriety, call Reflections Recovery Center at (855) 75 SOBER.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Progressive Muscular Relaxation Research, specifically biofeedback using electromyography,proves that this technique reduces muscular tension. At Reflections Recovery, we use a program known as Breathwork Therapy as our main relaxation therapy for treating addiction. The stress of their cravings, the stress of the expectations of loved ones and employers, and the stress of realizing goals can be major impediments to addiction rehab. By teaching these relaxation skills, we empower our clients with tools they can use for life, not just for their initial recovery. Breathwork Therapy helps Reflections clients free their minds of unwanted, distracting thoughts, enabling them to focus on the present and acquire new insights into their behavior and its effect on the people in their lives. It is here in our welcoming, supportive outpatient rehab environment that we guide our clients toward a new beginning – a fresh start – free from the shackles of their dependency. We provide affordable drug rehab and alcohol addiction programs that provide a wide range of recovery options to accommodate the varying lifestyles, schedules, and budgets of our clients to help create a strong foundation for recovery.

When the body and mind are truly relaxed, often deeper issues rise to the surface of the conscious mind, where they can be used to actively engage a client’s process of recovery.
When the body and mind are truly relaxed, deeper issues often rise to the surface of the conscious mind, where they can be used to actively engage a client’s process of recovery. Whether it is used for drug rehab or alcohol rehab, Breathwork Therapy can be a powerful tool in recovery management. Through our 12 step based program for addiction therapy, we strive to improve each client’s quality of life and equip them with the tools to achieve a healthier, happier life through lasting sobriety.

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