Welcome to our Success Products page.  Products are organized in both format type (book, CD, audio download) and category. Present BETTER than Steve Jobs is a straight-forward guide to increasing your public speaking and presentation skills. Lack of public speaking or presentation skills can hold back career advancement and achievement in any field, and this book will give you the foundation to build your skill-set and build your confidence.
Present BETTER than Steve Jobs is based on the premise of those of us who are not celebrities or public figures must know how to structure and deliver a message that is both interesting and impactful. International speaker, success coach, TV show host Dan Lier provides you with twenty-seven proven strategies to improve your life. Over the past decade, Dan Lier has affected hundreds of thousands of people at his speaking events and has inspired his coaching clients. In this book, he shares powerful strategies that will influence your life, your career, your relationships, and your family.
This revolutionary new product (the 10 minute coach format) is designed for busy people committed to being their best.
Dan’s high impact CD and 24 page Results Workbook designed to assist you make a decision on what you want and HOW to get there! Audio CD contains 5 Steps for Creating Results program (approximately 50 minutes in length), plus custom designed 22 page Success Workbook for you to CREATE YOUR UNIQUE PLAN for success. Dan’s 5 Steps to Creating Results program helped me in both my personal and professional life; it was practical, tangible and it was fun! Dan helps you take your life’s experiences and turn them into future results with five thought provoking and concise steps to help you achieve everything you want.
Dan’s high impact audio download and 24 page Results Workbook (PDF) is designed to assist you make a decision on what you want and HOW to get there! This audio download contains 5 Steps for Creating Results program (approximately 50 minutes in length), plus custom designed 22 page Success Workbook (PDF) for you to CREATE YOUR UNIQUE PLAN for success.
Subconscious Success Programming audio programs are designed to reprogram your mind for success by influencing your subconscious thought patterns and beliefs while you sleep. Many people enjoy listening to relaxation and reprogramming audio tracks at night as they sleep or during the course of the day as background music. SSP audios consist of relaxing background music mixed with positive programming statements. Subconscious Success Programming audio programs are designed to program young minds for success by influencing subconscious thought patterns and beliefs while they sleep. Many parents play the reprogramming audio tracks at night as their children sleep or during the course of the day as background music. It’s a big deal for us – in fact, you could say the story of this book goes right along with the story of our marriage.
To thank you for your early support we’ve put together some pre-order offers we hope you’ll love.
This enlightening 52–card deck is brilliant for helping with everyday concerns and letting go of unhelpful mind talk. These simple, powerful insights give you a new way of looking at your circumstances and make it easier to let go of fearful, resentful or critical thoughts.
All of these recordings feature Brainwave Entrainment (also known as Brainwave Synchronization). When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
Dan Lier, one of the most sought after speakers in the genre of success and achievement, shares his secrets to a perfect presentation. Dan’s “secrets to a perfect presentation” was built on his experience as a paid corporate speaker performing over 3,500 customized corporate talks in over 30 countries. Celebrities, athletes and TV personalities don’t have to be good speakers –  people just want to hear them speak.
Success based audio programs typically are not user friendly, as finding 20-30 minutes to listen to a message is difficult. Recognizing in the other the desire to do something useful and share it was a huge part of what brought us together. Your support and interest is received with profound appreciation and excitement to have you along on this adventure.

Each recording is 37 minutes, Steve’s voice is audible, do not listen to in a moving vehicle, ocean sounds are used in the background, all relaxation suggestions are the same (beach theme), and 15 minutes is dedicated to re-programming the subconscious mind.
This is a sound engineering practice that causes your brainwave frequencies to fall into step (frequency) with the sound stimulus generated by our recordings.
Give yourself the best chance to avoid or stop chocolate addiction and cravings for chocolate. Jon advises businesses worldwide on how to grow their audience and take control of their future.
As if lifewere a progressive and cunning crimewith no witness to the tiny hiddentransgressions. This rock is said to be the heart of Pachamama, a place to connect with Mother Earth and give offerings for blessings. If you are not a celebrity, athlete or TV personality, you must know how to connect with your audience and deliver a solid message EVERYTIME!
When Dan created the 10 Minute Coach format during his time on HSN, he changed the game for preferred delivery format. And if buying a book isn’t possible for you right now, it’s great to have you here! This depends on a frequency following response, since the human brain has the ability to change its dominant EEG (Electroencephalograph) frequency to that of the frequency of our recordings.
I’m grinning.Six weeks ago, I left my home in London for a stint in the Scottish countryside. It sets us apart and allows us to be wholly different from the rest of the world, while still being innately the same. Dan Lier is an expert in human behavior and his proven skills will assist you deliver a quality message that your audience will connect with and retain. Brainwave Entrainment with these recordings is accomplished through binaural beats (also called binaural tones). However, please be courteous and credit Explore Deeply™ as well as Chloe Rain, the photographer and writer (where applicable), and link back to the original post.
If you stamp it down, you’ll be suppressing any chance you might have had to be remarkable.2.
Surely,even you, at times, have felt the grand array;the swelling presence, and the chorus, crowdingout your solo voice.
In the western world we interpret "To all my Relations" as a statement to our relatives or ancestors, however, its meaning is much greater and speaks to our connection with all of creation, plants, animals, creepy crawlies, dirt, the stars, the Universe, and beyond.
Being a solid public speaker or presenter is a learned skill, and this book will teach you how to improve your skills and be a great public speaker and communicator.
Hiding from yourself is going to hurt.If you try and turn yourself into a stranger, someone you don’t truly recognise when you look in the mirror and see grey where there used to be vibrant colour, sooner or later that’s going to hurt you. Whether you are an executive or a parent, the skills in this book can be used for presentations, selling and communicating with a large or small audience. It’s the surest way to improve your technique and learn the ropes of anything.But the problem with this is that we learn who to be, too.
The kettle is singing even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots have left their arrogant aloofness and seen the good in you at last. Surely, I thought, I’ll feel under-stimulated, under-entertained, under-motivated — isn’t boredom the opposite of distraction?
We look at the successful people, the ones who played by the rules and we start to cut out the parts of our lives that don’t match.And then we think surely we can’t still listen to punk rock or write open source software if we want to become star employees and make money. And Netflix.But it turns out that, without the usual attention-sucking distractions of daily life, other stuff starts to peek its head above the parapet — as though newly confident that it won’t be kicked aside in favour of the next Twitter notification. When you start to lose the pieces of you that give you a fire for life, sooner or later that fire goes out.I don’t want to be there when that happens to you. Not new stuff, plucked from oblivion; but things that were already there, hiding because they were afraid of being ignored if they showed their face. Hiding from yourself is the surest path to self hatred, self pity and a whole lot of missed potential.3. It’s not worth the regret.Do you want to look back in 30 years and point to all the times you blended in?
One nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below.

I can hear the chatter going on in my head, and it’s become ever more coherent as it’s had room to speak its voice. I realise now how determinedly I blocked out silence before — defaulting to turning on the TV or firing up Spotify rather than enjoy 10 short minutes of my mind’s own monologue.And it turns out the internal chatter I’d avoided isn’t so bad. I’ve always worked hard to be the type of person that I would choose to be friends with; so perhaps it shouldn’t be as surprising as it is that I’ve enjoyed hearing a bit more from this ‘me’ character. Authenticity always shows.When you’re not trying to hide away the real version of yourself, people will respond.
And when it’s negative, critical, or otherwise challenging, the very fact of hearing it means that I can better acknowledge it and respond. When you’re demonstrating authenticity, not some contrived personality, that’s when you find a way to reach out and connect with other human beings.I’m a huge fan of letting it all out there. Allowing the world to see the real person inhabiting your skin, rather than the image that you want to project. When I want to sit down and start something, I’m oh-so easily interrupted by things ‘out-there’ (phone calls, appointments to run to, urgent emails) and — more often— by things ‘in-here’ (sudden overwhelming urge to make a cup of tea, put some washing on, quickly check Facebook).Free of external distractions, I seem to have stopped creating those even trickier internal distractions too. And I’m not saying that I don’t play a part too.Everything I do is playing out a different part of my personality.
My Dad used to tell me that he thought I had no true personality.The reality was, I had so many different personas that I could pick and choose between them for whatever situation I was facing.
Firmly removed from the norms of my daily life and its blind, unquestioned routine, I had something of a blank slate to work with.
You need to be weird to tell a story.The oldest art that humanity has ever engaged with is storytelling. We’ve been doing it ever since we first developed the ability to communicate with each other.Why do you think so many ancient texts have resonating, similar themes? No longer skidding through each day’s scenarios and their attached emotions, everything I feel has a bit more space to be what it is. The greatest creatives were weirdos.The people you truly look up to are fully aware of their passions. Unable to turn my head the other way — after all, there’s nothing distracting there to look at — I can only sit with them, ride them, and try to respond in a way that seems fitting. In the process, I’ve started to learn what to do with myself when I feel bad, and how to make the most of feeling good.So, what now?The flashing lights, loud noises and incessant movement of the city await. They could be entrepreneurs and founders, or comic book artists, or speed metal musicians?—?every creative is a passionate weirdo. If they weren’t, the world would be missing a lot of colour.Henry Ford, Michael Bloomberg, Douglas Coupland, Salvador Dali, Gertrude Stein?—?these are passionate people. I plan to carve out moments of distraction-less, mania-free time — big and small.So, if ever you stumble across a small solitary hermit girl, hiding in a tent somewhere in the South East of England on a rainy Tuesday evening, then you’ll know why. But you’d be mad to ignore their accomplishments, and the things that they were able to achieve through their passions.
Nobody really gives a shit.You’d be surprised how accepting other people can be, when they’re presented with somebody who is a little different. Sure, there are always going to be a few total assholes, but I've discovered most humans are extraordinarily capable of showing love. And being OK with each other.You might think that your passions are going to set you too much apart, put up a barrier between you and other people. They will want to learn more.Nobody really gives a shit if you’re in your late 30’s and still play Pokemon. They might not totally get it, but it won’t stop them from respecting you professionally or wanting to associate with you.
Nobody really gives a shit if you’re an artist as well as a medical student.Nobody gives a shit, so why should you?

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