The Administrator password for Restaurant manager must be changed every 90 days to be “PCI (Payment Card industry) compliant”. You can change it any time before the 90 days are up as long as you know your current Admin password. The Password must be a “Strong” password, which means it must be at least 7 characters long contain upper AND lower case letters, and have at least one number or symbol. The system will “remember” the last 5 passwords used so you have to change the password every time you reset it, or rotate the same 5 passwords. 1.)      Log into “Back Office” with your 4 digit password so it shows your name in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

5.)      Type in your excising Admin password or the 10 digit code provided by POSitive Tech.
I use pos in the restaurant I manage, unfortunately the password for my back office won’t work and the only way is letting me log in is with an access code, how do i get this? We are a local Point of sale reseller based out of Portland Oregon and can offer you phone help support with our qualified technicians if need be. Today I will take a short look at enabling password reset using the rdweb component in Windows Server 2012.
If you wait till the 90 days has expired the password can only be “Reset” with a daily master password that you can obtain from us at POSitive Technologies.

In order to help you I would need to know some information about your point of sale software and point of sale equipment.

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