If you did create the Windows Vista password reset disk before forgot Windows Vista password, the method will be helpful. Once you've typed the wrong password, Windows Vista will show a Reset password link below the login box.
In Windows Vista there is a hidden account called Administrator which does not show up on the login screen but it is always available for use if required. The Sticky Keys trick to restore a forgotten administrator password is reliable, easy to carry out, and does not require third-party software.
When you add a password to your account, besides setting a password hint, you should create a password reset disk in case you need it. Step 1: When entering a wrong password, it will show you the Password hint and you can reset password as following picture.
Step 2: Click NEXT and select your USB password key disk drive to reset the password with a new one.
This USB Password reset disk only use in a certain account which you have created before, or it won?t help. If you don?t have a password reset disk and you need to regain access to your system with a few minutes, see bellow. The method is easy for a computer newbie and it?s the fastest if you don't have the reset disk.
I know, It's kinda stupid really, But i actually still have 2-3 floppy drives still in the cupboard.
HAHAHAHAh Microsoft needs to get with the times no one uses floppies anymore well most of us. Step 3: Now start the System which you want to reset the password by putting the CD or the USB in the Computer. Step 5: Now after selecting the paths, It will ask “What to do?” Simply press enter as it will automatically select 1 for Edit User Password.

Now start the computer and you will find that it is not asking for password for the user you had selected.
This worked like a charm on windows 7 latest beta build, users please note to [!] after done clearing password and making sure the changes are saved to disk otherwise this WILL NOT work, I made this mistake first time around. Trying to recover or reset, doesn’t matter, just have to get into the system as the user. It is showing your step 4 but insted of step 5 it is showing me to enter the path of the reg files.I stuck there. And the available version of offcrack is not working for windows 7.It shows the tables as empty. Succeeded in getting blank for administrator and user but on rebooting the computer administrator appeared (was never there) as well as user – nothing happens when I click either. OMG what an easy reset, prove to work with window 7 starter, boot right into with usb, amazing app… where do i send you some money…?
Thanks so much i was working on trying to reset a password for like 2 hours and then i came across your site and it worked like a charm. I tried to reset the user password with admin account from my friends laptop but it cannot detect the sam registry folder for windows 7 professional. The other day I have purchased Windows Key Finder 1.3, it is a similar Windows password rest boot cd, but it has GUI interface, and works wonderful on my Windows 7 laptop. The walkthough says I should only have to hit “enter” at this point, and it should proceed, but no matter what I type, the default path it lists, or any possible variation I can find on it, it just seems to loop back to the same message prompt, and I am unable to proceed to step 3 of the password reset. Worked like a dream once I had figured out that the partition I needed to choose with the windows partition on it was option 2 (sda2 for me!) rather than the default. When a window pops up with all your Windows Vista accounts, select the target one to reset its forgotten password. However, It?s only a moment for youforget Windows 7 password and it may take you several days to regain access to your system.

But in this step, make sure your computer is boot from USB drive, you can set a BIOS if necessary. The method has been tested for windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and all resulted in success. Just an extra bit, when performing this on a laptop with pre loaded softwae, it can be the second drive. If you yourself are administrator, and you can't remember the administrator password, the problem get a little tricky, and probably hard to recover the 'forgotten password' again.
If you already have a Windows Vista password reset disk, please follow these steps to reset your Vista password easily. You can boot up in Safe Mode (by pressing F8 when your computer starts) and log on with the built-in Administrator account. If you have problems with how to create USB windows 7 password reset disk, you can see more details in MS website. I work for the Ruler of UAE (Dubai) and used this to help him open his laptop login as he forgot his password! Before you search for Windows installation DVD to format and reinstall Windows Vista onto the computer, here a few ways you can try to unlock the Windows to gain access to the system again, at least by resetting Windows Vista password. In order to do this go to your BIOS settings and change the boot order as CD or the USB drive as the first option. So I thought why to recover a lost password, instead why cant we simply reset or delete the password using a 3 MB file open source program.  That is what this post is about. I have not found any other method simpler than this one, it resets your password in the blink of an eye.

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