I have made the code available on my GitHub page and you are welcome to use it or modify it.
Information Security Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for information security professionals. My assumption is that resetting password is only a security issue if an attacker gained access to the user's email. Yes, it is very likely that the same "excessive attempts" detection that is applied to login attempts is also applied to "password reset requests". Many systems also involve a captcha step, that makes spamming the reset attempts more difficult. I think this is a fairly inefficient attack - thanks to rate-limiting, it can't reliably target an individual, and even if it could, the emails could be trivially blocked with an email client rule. You shouldn't make it possible to reset a password without some kind of (weak) user identification. Third, I don't think it's necessary to ever send more than 2 emails within a specific time window. I think the bigger security risk here is someone brute-forcing your forgot password page in order to discover account login information. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged password-management or ask your own question. How can I design a password reset function, which does not reduce security for users who can remember their password?

Why would a website that resets your password to one of their choice be considered a plain text offender? What would be the (most difficult) challenges to making a "10,000 year satellite"? Is there any truth to interpreting definition of a second as corresponding to oscillations? What are some good ways to figure out one's interests in mathematics, before applying to PhD programs?
When you add a password to your account, besides setting a password hint, you should create a Windows 7 password reset disk in case you need it.
Step 1: When entering a wrong password, it will show you the Password Hint and you can reset password as following picture. This USB password reset disk only use in a certain account which you have created before, or it won't help. Step 2: Download Windows Password Key Professional - the Windows 7 password reset tool, and install it.
With this usb password resetter, it is easy for a computer newbie for Windows 7 password recovery USB and it's the fastest way if you don't have the reset disk. PasswordSeeker is a brand which owned by Tenorshare Inc., since 2007, PasswordSeeker has become leader of developing Windows password reset tools. Malicious users can inject code to phish credentials and other sensitive personal information from millions of Facebook members.

We hope that this serious flaw gets fixed quickly as is usually the case with security flaws in Facebook. This is important not only to protect against someone being a nuisance by repeatedly resetting the password, but also because it can be used as a form of short term DOS.
I have some follow up questions that came up reading your answer: 1) why do I need to add the email on the reset link? However, It's only a moment for you forget Windows 7 password and it may take you several days to regain access to your system.
Select your USB password key disk drive and click "Next >" to reset the password with a new one. If you have problems with how to create Windows 7 password reset USB, you can see more details in Microsoft website. CAPTCHAs aren't very good for this purpose since the attack can be done manually (you only need to do it once an hour to be very annoying).

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