In response to the needs of couples 14 years ago, we created couples workshops that integrated John's scientific findings with storytelling, role-playing, teaching and exercises to help sustain couples' relationships.
For the first time, we invite you to a very special 2-day private retreat in our home on lovely Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in Washington. Our couples' retreat is based on 36 years of consistent programmatic research on relationships. Our experienced and knowledgeable event planner, Veronica San Martin, can help you to plan the details of your visit to Orcas Island, including lodging, travel on the island, dining, and recreational opportunities. We are now offering Marathon Couples' Therapy at our home on Orcas Island, with either one of us or with both of us together. In the comfort of the Gottmans' own island home, learn research-based tools for building and maintaining relationship intimacy. Have you ever planned a wonderful romantic vacation, complete with a lovely room, candle-lit dinners, and white sand beaches, only to have your dream become a nightmare when tense quarrels and silence spoil the sunset?
Find out how well you know your partner, current strengths in your relationship and how you handle disagreements with our Relationship Quiz. A retreat for Christian husbands and wives…to relax and have a getaway weekend to focus on your marriage!
We have all been told that husbands and wives need to spend more time together…you know the kind of time where you actually talk to each other about more than who is dropping off Johnny at youth group or would you please pick up a gallon of milk on the way home! And, you’ll have time to play together, rekindle your romance and fall in love all over again! Be sure to check out our lodging options – hotel-style rooms in the Chesapeake Lodge or your own private log cabin tucked away in the Pioneer Campground. The first couples retreat, Tandem…A Weekend for Two, is held in February on the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day.
The second marriage retreat, Weekend on the Bay…A Couples Getaway, is held in the fall – usually late October or early November. Have you drifted beyond “discouraged” to “desperate?” Have you realized that you marriage is crashing and burning, and it won’t get better without help? Read about the methodical strategy of these couples counseling retreats  despite the vacation-like setting. Here I discuss the role of meaning in one’s life and how “meaning” and “spirituality” don’t have to rely on organized religion.
In this discussion I explain the central paradox of human inconsistency and why an unconventional view of human nature is more accurate. It’s not enough to intellectually choose life’s meaning.  In this chapter I describe how someone can use specific strategies to embed it deep into one’s character.
This chapter describes a central mystery about human nature and how I think it can be solved. If your relationship suffers one of the following problems it is best to get professional help instead of trying to go it alone.  In fact, lay attempts to confront your partner can dangerously backfire.
Either partner is using frequent alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, or other mood altering chemical.
Either partner has demonstrated through their past behavior or by verbal threat that they may physically assault or restrict movement of the other. Either party intentionally tries to lie or deceive the other in order to avoid exposing broken agreements or irresponsible behavior. Both parties have evolved to interact with each other like business managers, going about the business of managing everyday life but without mutual play or sentimental affirmation of each other.

One party (the initiator) has somehow wound up with all the responsibility for planning the fun part of the relationship. The couple starts a conflict over a specific issue but soon escalates to general blaming behavior. One party is trying to reduce spending to live within a realistic budget, the other party is often unmindful of what they spend. If you would like to discuss whether your particular difficulties could be addressed by one of our couples counseling retreats then give us a call at 919-460-2516. New Bern is the second oldest town in the state, established 300 years ago in 1710 by Swiss explorer. I can honestly say that after returning  from our Love Odyssey trip, we are enjoying each other more than we have in  years and have restored the understanding, passion and intimacy that had been  missing in our relationship.
Bryce has developed and refined a system that gathers information through forms that we filled out and mailed to him before we meet that gives him the insight to our problem and how it has developed so that we can get right down to business and spend our time efficiently learning how to make the corrections necessary to accomplish our goals.
Outside of  our honeymoon, our odyssey was the most extraordinarily special week of our  married lives.
Couples Only accommodation (child-free) romantic weekends, honeymoons, anniversaries and special occasions. Ten luxurious totally secluded, self-contained, private cabins, bungalows and lodges hide among the trees.
Perfect for a honeymoon, special occasion or romantic holiday, the architect designed two storey studio chalets are immaculately furnished for complete comfort, and positioned for relaxation and privacy. Japanese inspired self contained luxury studio apartment, featuring a frameless glass walled bathroom with deep soaker bath sharing a totally private Balinese inspired garden courtyard. Offering one, two and three bedroom fully self-contained, air-conditioned accommodation, set in lush tropical gardens.
Why does Bali seem to offer so many classes where couples can learn to better communicate and to better enjoy their intimacy?
Bali has acted as a magnet to Westerners since the 1920’s, when German artist Walter Spies shaped the vision that the world had of Bali and when he himself started influencing the actual Balinese arts.
Bali is seen all over the world as a romantic island, with lots of honeymooners and couples spending amorous time on its shores.
Bring loose fitting clothes, not too hot (think linen or yoga outfits) to make it easier on your body to relax and also to make it easier for your partner to touch you. Tantra Alchemy is about helping a couple, man and woman, rediscover sex by learning to let go negative energy. Learning to connect emotionally and physically, learning to listen to the other, learning to accept oneself. Instructions: Fill out every item below, telling us the extent to which AT THIS TIME you agree or disagree with each statement. If your score or your partner's score is above 40, you have a problem dealing with conflict and self-soothing during conflict. Because of our remote location, this treatment serves the needs of those clients who desire complete privacy.
In an exclusive, small group two-day couples retreat (there will be no more than 7 couples in each retreat), we offer you research-based skills for deepening intimacy, managing conflicts, and enhancing your sense of shared meaning in a private, comfortable, and beautiful setting.
We’ll bring in some speakers that will give you practical advice to work through some things…and then give you time to process together what you just heard. There are lots of options for play – an invigorating game of tennis, soaking the tension away in the hot tub, challenging each other at ping pong and Frisbee golf, or even working out in the Fitness Center.

It’s a romantic time of year and easy to remember to devote a weekend away to concentrate on your marriage. This does not refer to syndromes in which there is emotional conflict or emotional alienation affecting sexual interest.
From the first hour aboard the “Dragon lady” we discovered that Bryce knew more about us than we did ourselves and had already outlined a course of action that would bring us awareness of where our problems originated and why we respond to each other the way we do.
Adults only retreats in the Byron Bay, Kingscliff, Tweed Coast, Gold Coast hinterland and Tamborine Mountain region of New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. Choose from 10 only architect designed, unique and private luxury self contained cabins, bungalows and lodges, all with double spa baths and rainforest views.
This is not really about positions, but much more about communicating with your partner, relaxing on your own or as a couple, and getting a better awareness of feminine and masculine pleasure. They are the ones that look the most authentic, but it is always better that you contact these people directly before booking anthing.
Join celebrated Tantric sex educator and author Caroline Muir together with Tantra and Yoga of Intimacy teacher Blue for a profound retreat experience unlike any other.
Communicating together as husbands and wives without a lot of distractions is essential for healthy Christian marriages.
The person who dreads intensity finds ways to emotionally withdraw by finding responsibilities to take up their time. However, when it comes to family or relationship activity, they look to the initiator for ideas. We both agreed that by the end of the first day, we had accomplished more than we expected to the whole week and was looking forward to the next day.
True, the Bali Hindu culture makes the island very receptive to Indian-born teachings such as yoga and tantra. So it is a reason why a lot of tantric yoga instructors in Bali are coming from Australia for a week or two. It is about rediscovering the sexual energy between lovers, not just for sexual ecstasy, but to learn how to heal each other. Perfect for pulling on a sweater and strolling hand in hand along the water or through the woods. The other person sees their partner withdrawing and reacts by aggressively pursuing contact.
This syndrome does not refer to conflict which threatens violence or actually becomes violent.  Our couples counseling retreats train couples how to manage their emotions to have more productive conflict. Discover with me what this is all about, why Bali is a good place for a tantric yoga retreat, and what 3 typical tantric yoga classes offer to women and men who want a deeper emotional and physical connection with their partner. Tantric yoga is about creating or re-creating a relationship with deep emotional connection, leading to great fulfilling sex. They miss the excitement of another perspective besides their own and they feel lonely although they may cover it over with anger.

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