Anyhow, My Secret Hotel, the first two episodes at the time of this writing, surprised me and made me think never to judge a drama by its title. Nam Sang Hyo expertly handles another problem – a relative of the bride complains that her wallet has been stolen.
The last problem she had to deal with is the groom, Goo Hae Young (played by Jin Lee Han), who looks more like a person on death row rather than a happy groom. But the way Hae Young is staring at Sang Hyo tells us there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Back to two weeks earlier, the hotel team, spearheaded by managing director Jo Sung Gyum (played by Nam Gung Min) is having a meeting about the current decline of the hotel. Two weeks ago prior to walking down the disastrous aisle, Hae Young is also holding a meeting whilst playing on his phone.
Sung Gyum wondered if she’s offended by his insinuation earlier in the meeting about the leaking of the survey.
Sung Gyum appreciated her candor and if she wishes to voice more of her opinions, she can do so over dinner – a roundabout way of asking her out. Another person is setting her sights on the eligible managing director – Eun Joo, who has been pretending to wait for him by the elevator.
Eun Joo is about to eat her heart out though because Sang Hyo already beat her to a dinner date.
Sang Hyo talked to general manager Lee Moo Yang to talk about firing Assistant Manager Hwang. I would comment on Sang Hyo’s lovely look if I’m not so distracted by her itty bitty waistline.
Nam Sang Hyo’s sheer top is from Time and her skirt is from Jill Stuart but I can’t find them online. They’re about to meet new clients – a couple who has decided to hold their wedding in their hotel. Sang Hyo’s pretty confident that Hae Young will back out of the plan to hold the wedding at My Secret Hotel (I have to get used to saying this). When Kim Joo-won wore his Italian hand-made sequined tracksuit, it became an instant hit and buyer favorite. The premise of "Secret Garden" is quite a cliche, at parts, but also quite refreshing for its time.
What the series attempts to do and accomplishes with its plot is to combine a romantic comedy with melodrama, into something which is not quite as heavy as melodramas go, but also not as pure a romantic comedy as most other works.

The characters of "Secret Garden" are all given a lot of detail and personality and even though they are often limited by being stereotypes, they are generally more appealing versions of them.
The second male and female leads, played by Yoon Sang-hyeon and Kim Sa-rang also have their own place and story in the series and they are generally active participants in the main story as well. Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime). The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. I think we’ve had our fill of this plot from the likes of Emergency Couple and Cunning Single Lady. She is one of the managers of My Secret Hotel and mostly in charge of wedding preparations for clients. Sang Hyo agreed to call the police but requested her if she can wait until after the wedding to file a report. There seems to be a rumor going around that people who get married in their hotel divorce three months later. Although chic-corporate as well, her style is different from that of Sang Hyo’s, who’s more into tailored clothes. Their meeting is interrupted by a girl, who just learned that he’s about to be married and feels like she’s being slighted because she has been holding a torch for him all these years.
She’s not but she’d appreciate it if he doesn’t show his antagonism towards General Manager in front of the others as it makes them uncomfortable.
No wonder Yoo In Na is often nominated for having the best S-line in the k-entertainment industry!
The result is that things like evil mothers in law, excessive crying, sappy dialogues and such are present, but the light romantic feel of the work is also there throughout. Ha Ji-won's Gil Ra-im does get a bit too butch and tomboyish and while the contrast with her more girly side is nice, it can also feel unrealistic at times. The supporting characters all have loud and distinctive personalities and their actors bring some extra flavor into them. Everything looks impressive, the filming takes place in many beautiful locations, the sets and buildings used look expensive, the clothes, sequined and not, look well-made. Its cliches, while sometimes tiring, are used in smart and engaging ways and the end result is a drama which is entertaining and feels just a bit more special and refreshing than a lot of its kind. We also get to see Jin Lee Han in his first ever starring role (I think?) and his first ever non-annoying acting job (according to some).

And when Sung Gyum asked Sang Hyo, she admitted that they did conduct a survey before and a large percentage of people who got married there last year divorced three months later. But there’s clearly no hiding so she has no choice but to introduce herself as if they don’t know each other. Kim Joo-won is an arrogant rich man who is trying to run his business and function despite his crippling phobia of riding in elevators. The fantasy element and body switch do bring some hilarity into the situation, but the potential for the characters to better understand each other through that switch was left largely unrealized. Hyeon Bin's work is a step up for the actor, and even if Joo-won spends the first half being a very unchallenging character, he eventually breaks free from his type in interesting ways. Given that homosexuality is a topic still much avoided by entertainment, Lee Jong-suk's presence as Sun is also a tiny step forward which will hopefully play its part in encouraging the industry to represent that community more in the future. Through a misunderstanding and finding their work lives meeting up, they form an attraction-hate relationship. However, the switch does play a central part to the story's mystery, so it does not feel like a gimmick and it has a point for happening and an ultimate reason behind it. While Korean drama is not usually impressive in terms of presentation, this is a case people will remember for it.
Sang Hyo squirmed uncomfortably in her seat but answered that she wanted a good challenge, which is why she traded her position abroad in favor of what she has here.
When he wondered how she’ll react if she knew he’s getting married, this isn’t how he pictured it. During one of their meetings, they find themselves lost in the woods and arrive at a small tavern.
It is here where things take a turn for the fantasy genre, as they wake up the next day having swapped bodies, complicating their relationship. But the mysterious tavern owner who gave them the potion that caused the switch seems to know something about the people they targeted and their fate.

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