Victoria’s Secret launched this fragrance from their seductive collection Sexy Little Things Noir and named it Noir Tease. Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease is based on black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia.
Overall it’s a sweet scent but not too sweet incase thats a problem, which it is for many. I’s my second fave perfume at the moment (after Aqualina Pink Sugar) and I highly recommend it.
The florals fall lightly into the mid-note range in the form of the sweet notes of a summer lily. Because Beach Angel is a relaxed scent that falls into more mid and base range notes, it's easy to pair with other scents without clashing or muddying. The beachy and woody notes are quite different from my usual fresh florals, but I can certainly appreciate this low key scent for summer.
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It comes packaged in a glass flacon decorated with a piece of delicate black lace and a hot pink atomizer which goes perfectly with the black.
I had the chance to test each out with some wear time and deep sniffs and am excited to share my review of Victoria's Secret Beach Angel Eau de Parfum today! There is a creaminess on top in the form of pear and a green heart which I assume to be inspired by 'Amazonian Vines'. I'm also looking forward to experimenting with it to layer and 'beachify' some of my other fragrances. The bras are THE BEST and you gotta check out the VS Pink lounge clothes – hoodies, PJs etc. Seductress meets coquette in this boudoir-inspired fragrance from our award-winning Sexy Little Things collection. In fact, it pairs quite well with its summer counterpart Victoria's Secret Bombshell The Summer Edition (mentioned above and to be reviewed soon), which is an exotic fruity floral. The warm blend of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia wraps you in modern glamour.

I'm not very fond of how water category scents wear on me and even slight amounts can turn me off. The glass bottle has gradient tinting with an ocean blue top melding into a Caribbean blue middle.
The base is frosty, and provides the effect of sand being kicked up at the base of crystal clear water. I think that though they seem related, beach and water scents fall into different categories. If you've ever smelled a Yankee Candle in Pink Sands or Sun and Sand, that's what I would consider to be more of a beach scent.

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